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Making The Most of Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School provides many churches with great opportunities to reach new families during the summer. Most families love finding things for their children to do in the summer and VBS seems to be one of those activities that doesn’t scare un-churched families away.

So, you have a successful Vacation Bible School, but how do you follow up and make sure to maximize all the work poured into a great week does not go wasted?...

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Child Safety Training More Important Than Ever Thanks to New Laws

It’s always a step in the right direction when states move to protect our innocent children from abusive predators. Even though the details might be overwhelming or confusing at the start, it’s imperative that organizations, including all faith-based groups, implement them as soon as possible.

Pennsylvania took such action in 2014 when its state legislature passed a comprehensive package of proposals that overhaul its child protection policies. The new law expands the requirements for,...

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7 Steps to Create A Foolproof Child Protection Policy

A quick Google search of ‘child protection policies’ will reveal more than 38 million hits. It’s clear that protecting our children is of the utmost concern across the globe. From health agencies to non-profit groups, more and more organizations are recognizing the need for a standardized child protection policy and the procedures that should be followed should something occur. One of the best examples of a child protection policy comes courtesy of UNICEF, one of the...

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Writing An Effective Ministry Resume

A resume is a self-created job application. That is, instead of answering pages of questions on an application form sent to you from a dozen different places, you get to answer many of the questions on your resume. It is the first step in getting a job, before a telephone contact, a preliminary interview, or a committee/board interview. Your hope is that your resume will get you a telephone call and an interview. Indeed, one might even say...

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Taking Care of Your Baptistry

While baptism may be a focal point in our faith, the baptistry does not seem to get the same attention.  Often it is overlooked and forgotten until needed again.  If this sounds like your church, you may need to read further or you may be replacing your baptistry sooner than you should or at the least having to resurface it.  However if you will follow the simple suggestions below you will be able to maintain the...

What People Are Saying About The Ministry Well

Everyone at HVCS is thrilled with our newly updated website constructed by The Ministry Well. The process from start to finish was straightforward and our faculty adapted with ease to changes from the old site to the new. Customer service is top-notch and timely. They offered a wide variety of software options to enable us to better communicate with our families as well as prospective families. I would highly recommend The Ministry Well for your next web design project. 

Alisa Stipanov

Director of Admissions, Hickory Valley Christian School, Chattanooga, TN

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much traffic does The Ministry Well have?

We currently have over 213,000 visits to our site in a month.

Is it difficult to post a job opening on The Ministry Well?

It is very easy to post a job opening on our site. You do not need to have an account or a password. There is an online form which you fill in the fields with your information. When you are finished entering your information you simply click the submit button and we take it from there.

How long does it take before job postings are listed on The Ministry Well?

During normal weekdays, job postings are listed within 24 hours. Submissions made on the weekends are posted no later than noon on Monday.

How long can I post a job on The Ministry Well?

We post jobs for a period of three months. We do this to keep our list current. If the position has not been filled in three months, you can send us an email and we will post it for three more months at no additional charge.

Do we need to contact The Ministry Well when we are no longer taking applications?

When you fill out the online form you will have the option to fill in an expiration date. If you provide us with an expiration date we will automatically remove your job posting on that day. If you do not provide us with an expiration date then your listing will remain for the entire three months unless you contact us and tell us to remove it.