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A Great Feature For Both Churches and Ministers

All Your Important Information In One Location

The Minister's Personal Page is a great tool for churches because we have organized each minister's contact information, education, years experience and areas of interest as well as their resume and videos on their very own dedicated page. This will give churches a big step in the process of narrowing down candidates. When we set up a church's account, you will have a "Favorites Page" where you will be able to save those candidates you feel are a good fit. All you have to do is click the "Add Minister to Favorite List". If you are using a committee in the search process, any favorites selected by other members will show up on your list. No need to print off and distribute resumes.

The Minister's Personal Page is also a great tool for ministers. No longer do you have to keep up with your resume or videos or email them to churches. You can keep it all on your Personal Page and even if you are talking to church which is not using Ministry Well you can send them the URL to your page and they will be able to access it directly.

Below is an image of a sample Personal Page. (NOTE: It is merely an image and therefore the blue buttons are not active links.)
Minister Resume