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Pastor to Students

West Baptist Church

Batesville, AR

Full-Time Ministry Position
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Southern Baptist



To provide leadership and oversight to all youth activities of the church as well as educational and organization support for students and their families. The Pastor to Students must uphold the West Baptist Church Vision Statement: To live transformed lives in our city, nation and world to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.


  • Primary - youth
  • Secondary - college



  • Mature and growing Christian. This individual will have an intimate relationship with God and evidence the characteristics described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
  • Committed to being a worshipper and the ability to lead worship.
  • Must have a sense of call to the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ

CHARACTERISTICS - teachable spirit, relational, assertive, discerning


  1. To help families and volunteers by encouraging and equipping them in raising children and youth to love the Lord
  2. To emphasize the necessity of developing a personal relationship with Christ and then equipping youth to grow in their faith while becoming integrated into the work of the church
  3. To help students understand the gospel and become grounded in the doctrines of the faith
  4. To develop a culture of discipleship and mission among the students


  1. Plan, coordinate, promote, and conduct a comprehensive program to minister to youth and to their families based on the above ministry objectives.
  2. Coordinate with the Nominating Committee in enlisting workers and teachers for youth divisions in the church’s total education program.
  3. Provide appropriate training for those under the youth pastor’s leadership.
  4. Plan, implement, and directly participate in youth activities (camps, retreats, mission trips, etc.).
  5. Coordinate and lead in a continuous program of outreach to youth and their families that follows the church’s overall strategy.
  6. Coordinate the use of church facilities as activities are planned and implemented for the youth.
  7. Prepare and submit a yearly calendar of events (in coordination with the Youth Ministry team) and an annual budget for areas pertaining to this ministry.
  8. Meet and communicate with the youth ministry team at least quarterly or as needed
  9. Promote youth activities thorough appropriate media (FB, Remind, website, etc.).
  10. Perform other responsibilities as called upon by the pastor or church.
  11. Build relationships with youth through church activities and their school and community activities


    Do everything with purpose. Don’t do activities just for activities’ sake. (Proverbs
    Ministry should be built around a team concept. Avoid the lone ranger style of
    The Holy Spirit is the One who can change lives. Witnessing to others involves
    time, personal testimony, love in action, special events that share the Gospel with
    others, and training others to share Christ.
  • PRAYER LIFE (Phil 4:6)
    Youth ministry should be saturated in prayer by those who will commit
    themselves to ministry.
    As students accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, they must be
    nurtured and fed in order to grow and mature in Christ. During this stage, it is important
    that adult leadership spend time building relationships in order to create an environment
    of love, trust, and acceptance that will help produce spiritual growth.
    The key principles of this state are:
    1. Developing an atmosphere of love
    2. Developing a good fellowship of teamwork
    3. Developing each person’s sense of significance
    4. Developing a proper understanding of Christ
    5. Developing a prayer base
    6. Developing a communication of God’s Word




Dependent upon education and experience


Cory Majors
[email protected]

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