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Ministry Job Details


Bradley Baptist Church

Bradley, AR

Full-Time Ministry Position
AR, Bradley - Bradley Baptist Church  |  PASTOR Image Shadow
AR, Bradley - Bradley Baptist Church  |  PASTOR Image Shadow
AR, Bradley - Bradley Baptist Church  |  PASTOR Image Shadow


Southern Baptist


Bradley Baptist Church

Job Description for Pastor

  • The pastor is responsible for leading the church body in functioning as a New Testament Church.
  • The pastor is responsible for providing spiritual instruction and strategic leadership of the members, staff, and ministries of the church.
  • The pastor is not responsible for doing all the work, but for seeing that it is done, and done properly.

Ministry purpose:

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach biblical revelation, to engage in pastoral care, provide administrative leadership in all areas of church life, supervise paid church staff, and conduct ordinances and functions of worship.

Training of Pastor:

  • Formal Bible training required.
  • Master's from seminary preferred, but not mandatory.
  • Education open to discussion.


A large modern parsonage is provided.

Full time:

This has always been a full-time position, but a bi-vocational position might be considered.

Expectations, duties, and functions of the Pastor

  • The pastor should be evangelical-minded in line with The Great Commission.
  • The pastor should be family and community oriented, and relate well to people.
  • The pastor should be seen and known throughout the community.
  • Plan and conduct worship services, Sunday morning, night, and Wednesday night, developing sermons, planning with music leadership, and lead in the observation of ordinances.
  • Visits and ministers to members and prospective members in homes, nursing care facilities and hospitals.
  • Conducts counseling sessions, performs wedding ceremonies, and conducts funeral services.
  • Relates well to all people and is active in the community, being community-minded, and supportive of the local school system.
  • Acts as parliamentarian and moderator in business conferences.
  • Cooperates and works with associational and state denominational leaders.
  • Although not expected to be a youth director, the pastor should be comfortable in working with and relating to youth, and working with and supporting the youth director.
  • Work with the deacons and standing committees in accomplishing their duties.
  • To manage his money with integrity so as not to bring reproach upon the church.




Connie Rogers
Bradley, AR 71826
(903) 824-5451