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Ministry Job Details

Pastor to Students

Crossgate Church

Hot Springs, AR

Full-Time Ministry Position
AR, Hot Springs - Crossgate Church  |  PASTOR TO STUDENTS Image Shadow
AR, Hot Springs - Crossgate Church  |  PASTOR TO STUDENTS Image Shadow
AR, Hot Springs - Crossgate Church  |  PASTOR TO STUDENTS Image Shadow


Southern Baptist



We make more and better disciples for Jesus Christ.


  • Glory – Our highest purpose is to worship God and focus on His glory.
  • Truth – The Bible is our source of all truth and the final authority in teaching, reproof, correction, equipping, and training in righteousness.
  • Love – We endeavor to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love others unconditionally.
  • Prayer – We abide in God through prayer, and in turn God releases His will and power in and through prayer.
  • Community – We share community with other Christ followers by encouraging one another through relationships of love, trust, authenticity, and transparency.
  • Generosity – Out of an overflow of love for Jesus Christ, we joyfully and generously give our time, talents, and treasure for God’s glory and others’ needs.
  • Reach – God has called us to lead others to love and follow Jesus with a reach that extends from Garland County to the ends of the earth.

Definition of a Disciple:

“A growing follower of Jesus who lives and loves like Jesus and leads others to follow him.”

Discipleship Pathway:
“What is your next step?”

  • Make A Decision
  • Become A Member
  • Join A Group
  • Meet A Need

Student Pastor Profile and Job Description:


  1. Shepherd 7th-12th grade students by building relationships and investing time in them.
    1. This includes on-campus activities on Sundays and Wednesdays, as well as outside of regularly-scheduled service times.
    2. Establish off-campus presence by attending sporting events, band concerts, school plays, etc.
  2. Assist graduating seniors as they transition from student ministry to college and/or young adulthood, and maintain and build upon these relationships.
    1. Seek out and maintain regular contact with college-age students. Visit local college campuses when appropriate.
    2. Establish and recruit leadership for weekly college LifeGroup.
    3. Incorporate college students into various Crossgate serving contexts.
  3. Strategically implement the purpose and priorities of Crossgate within the context of CSM (Crossgate Student Ministries).
    1. Lead students to make a decision for Christ, including salvation and baptism with a testimony.
    2. Assist students whose desire is to become a member of Crossgate Church.
    3. Encourage students to join a group as part of the discipleship pathway.
    4. Embolden students to meet a need at Crossgate Church and beyond.
  4. Shepherd leaders by building relationships and investing time in them.
    1. Meet with leaders individually on a quarterly basis.
    2. Assemble CSM ministry leadership monthly.
    3. Clearly communicate expectations and goals of CSM ministries often.
  5. Recruit great leaders who love students and want to help point them to Jesus.
    1. Interview potential leaders as it relates to specific needs.
    2. Create an environment that attracts new leaders.
  6. Equip leaders to do ministry with excellence.
    1. Conduct orientation meetings with new and existing leaders.
    2. Provide opportunities for leaders to develop skill sets.
    3. Make available resources and ideas for leaders to use in ministering to students and parents.
  7. Connect with parents and involve them in ministry as the primary disciple-makers of their students.
    1. Communicate the importance of parental involvement.
    2. Provide resources to assist parents in being the primary spiritual disciple-makers of their children.
  8. Develop a ministry that is comprehensive in scope. Lead the ministry leaders of CSM and work alongside the Children & Preteens Pastor to develop a comprehensive strategy that helps a child/student grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ from early childhood to young adulthood.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field from accredited university.
  • Graduate/seminary degree preferred.
  • 5+ years working in student ministry and/or related field (camps, parachurch, etc.).
  • Committed to personal growth in their relationship with Jesus.
  • Experience managing staff and/or volunteer teams, handling and resolving difficult situations in a skilled and professional manner.
  • Has shown the ability to recruit, train, and develop leaders.




Commensurate with experience. Includes benefits and PTO.


December 10, 2020


Brian Oswalt
3100 E. Grand Ave.
Hot Springs, AR 71901
[email protected]