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Associate Pastor of Everything

Bronson First Baptist

Bronson, Florida

Full-Time Ministry Position


Southern Baptist


Bronson Missionary wanted

What is a Bronson you say!? It is the heart of watermelon country and the seat of Levy county Florida. Usually described as “Just outside of Gainesville” we are located about 25 miles west of Gainesville and nestled into the lovely sand hills. We are a rural area but are seeing growth in our community. Our church is amazing. It is a beautiful extension of the body of Christ and an example of a new testament church. We are a very loving and welcoming congregation and busy at work for the kingdom.

Our wonderful Family is now seeking a new addition to our full-time staff. An Associate Pastor of Everything (Temporary title). That’s right everything. I understand that the person who comes may have a heart for seniors, missions or children, or some other area. This position will be tailored to the right man. But the things below can give you a sense of the needs we have.

What we are looking for:

  • Qualified 1 Timothy 3 Pastor and agrees with our doctrine found Here
  • Can be or is Ordained by a SBC or like-minded church
  • Enjoy building and leading volunteer teams
  • Able to inspire and motivate others to serve
  • Have a strong ability to develop volunteer leaders
  • Lead, delegate, and organize all things operations
  • Exceptionally organized
  • Willing to be patient with and prop up a disorganized senior pastor
  • A Pastor’s heart
  • Competent with some of the following: Preaching, Teaching, Visiting the sick and elderly, Music, Basecamp, Planning Center, or Social Media Platforms.

The Job details

  • Oversee campus details, projects, events, and administration
  • Lead the charge regarding daily communications with attendees, guests, and staff through phone, email, social media, and face-to-face interactions
  • Recruit and lead volunteer teams to perform weekly functions, such as office management, event leadership, and project management
  • Accomplish everything for everyone, all the time
  • It would be pretty sweet if you could also:
  • Lead Worship with an acoustic guitar
  • Play golf, but not very well
  • Enjoy finishing and/or hunting when required
  • Are able to have a conversation, plan an event, write an email, teach a life lesson, count money, and smile all at the same time

What you get:

  • Salary DOE and includes a 4 bedroom parsonage, utilities, and a hardy handshake.
  • Our church really is like family. So you will have a wide extended family and love beyond what you would expect.
  • Yearly invite to a stump burning on the river
  • The satisfaction of being in God’s will
  • What we would like to have from you:
  • A cover letter explaining your current ministry or a video of you introducing yourself for bonus points
  • Your main influences as a leader. i.e. preachers you like or follow




John Coker
775 town court