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Associate Pastor

River of Life Fellowship

Wellington, CO

Full-Time Ministry Position
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General Purpose of Position:

Support the senior pastor in duties of leading the church. Specifically oversee Connection Groups, Marriage Ministry, and Media Communications.

Organizational Relationship and Supervision:

Reports to the Senior Pastor.

The Primary Task:

  1. Connection Ministries
    • Oversee, lead, and take responsibility for the Connection Ministries. Develop topics for each season of small groups that are Biblically based, life applicable, valuable and needed in the Body of Christ and lives of believers.
    • Develop Connection Groups to reach out to the existing Body of Believers and in the local northern Colorado community to attract new residents, non-believers and believers alike to attend River of Life.
    • Help new families attending and trying River of Life to connect and assimilate into the River of Life. Train them to use their abilities and gifts in service at River of Life.
    • Train leaders/facilitators and teachers to lead small group discussions and Bible Studies.
  2. Marriage/Singles Ministry
    • Oversee, lead, and participate in the Married / Singles Ministries at River of Life.
    • Develop activities that equip couples or singles, yet are interesting, challenging and cause maturity of participants of all ages.
    • Use the Marriage/Singles Ministry to attract new residents, non-believers and believers alike to attend River of Life through activities for married or "soon to be married" couples.
    • Help new families attending and trying River of Life to connect and assimilate into the River of Life Church due to having a connection point in marriages/singles and other areas.
    • Train leaders and supporters to use their abilities and gifts in Marriage Singles Ministries at River of Life.
  3. Communication, Social Media
    • Develop and present the activities and ministries of River of Life through popular communication streams to the community.
    • Use of creative clips, videos, capturing activities of the church and revealing to the church attendees and community of the great ministries of River of Life.
  4. Senior Pastoral/Staff Support
    • Support the pastor in forecasting, planning, decision-making process in leading the church. Able to help in the load of counseling those in need in some way.
    • Visitation, visitor retention, activities to reach out to the community in creative welcoming ways.
    • Fill in as needed to speak and preach the Word of God.
    • Be energetic and inspirational to the congregation utilizing a positive "with God we can do it" attitude. Having the joy of the Lord is a must!
    • Support and carry the heart of the senior pastor in conducting the vision of the pastor/church.
    • Support the staff and all departments in outreaches during holidays, and major events. We work as a team.

Qualifications and Aptitudes:

  1. Embrace Christian discipline and teach / preach / create your own Biblically sound sermons as speaking opportunities arise. Must prepare your own messages.
  2. 2-4 year degree in Christian Studies, Biblical Theology or applicable Bible studies. Accredited Bible School, or respected non-accredited Bible School.
  3. 2-3 years, or more experience in full-time associate pastoral ministry or equivalent.
  4. Must be creative, inspirational, enthusiastic and have the ability to plan, develop and implement ministry under the direction of Senior Pastor and River of Life Church.
  5. Must have good written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, computer skills, and again, WRITE YOUR OWN SERMONS.
  6. Must possess a heart to truly love all individuals, from all walks of life no matter how they present themselves to River of Life. Able to love and work with adults, and teams of volunteers at River of Life, along with children/youth as needed.
  7. Some musical ability is great but not required.
  8. Must be able, or be able to quickly learn to create, develop, and utilize video clips for communication, media, reaching believers and non-believers alike.

Youth Facility

  1. Our youth facility is not at the same location as the church facility. The Associate Pastor must be able to support the bridge from the youth facility to the main facility helping "unchurched families" cross the bridge to River of Life Church.
  2. Must see and willingly participate in the vision of the senior pastor, River of Life and the AMP Youth Facility. This ministry reaches out to the youth and children of the entire community of Wellington, CO. and Northern Colorado. Parents of these children and youth would be candidates for the Marriage / Singles Ministry.


  1. $35-55k total based on experience




$40,000 - $50,000


River of Life Fellowship ATTN: Pastor Rick Carlson
3161 East county Road 62E
Wellington, CO 80549
[email protected]

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