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Cottageville Community Methodist Church

Cottageville, South Carolina

Part Time

Part-Time Ministry Position
Cottageville, SC - Cottageville Community Methodist Church | Pastor
Cottageville, SC - Cottageville Community Methodist Church | Pastor Image Shadow
Cottageville, SC - Cottageville Community Methodist Church | Pastor Image Shadow




1. Administration

  • A. Serve moderator with the Trustee Chairman of The Church.
  • B. Serve as Ex-officio member of all committees
  • C. Coordinate the work of the Trustees and the work of the Finance Committee with the respective Chairman.

2. Teaching and Preaching Ministries

  • A. Prepare Sermons and preach at the regular worship periods.
  • B. Arrange for special preaching services, i.e. Revivals, Harvest Day
  • C. Teach or arrange for teaching of special studies i.e Bible Study, Doctrinal studies, etc
  • D. Promote Bible study in the Church
  • E. Keep accurate record with dates of admission and dismissal, death and baptisms on prescribe Church documents and turn these over to the Church Recording Clerk/Secretary for official Church records.

3. Worship

  • A. In consultation with the music director, enhance the worship periods through innovative orders of worship.
  • B. Administer the ordinances.

4. Pastoral Ministry

  • A. Visit members in hospitals, nursing homes, and at home when there are special needs.
  • B. Visit the homes of members and prospective members.
  • C. Counsel and perform weddings for membership.
  • D. Counsel persons and families who have special needs.
  • E. Conduct funerals and counsel bereaved family members.

5. Evangelism

  • A. Make consistent evangelistic visits.
  • B. Promote evangelism among membership
  • C. Lead in the preparation of and the arrangements of revivals.

6. Study/Training

  • A. Continue personal study.
  • B. Avail himself of study and training opportunities offered.

7. Missions

  • A. Lead the Church to be mission minded.
  • B. Work closely with the mission organizations of the Church.
  • C. Promote the cooperative program and mission giving

8. Stewardship/Finance

  • A. Assist the Finance Committee in developing and maintaining a strong stewardship program.

9. General

  • A. Give support to all areas of the church life.
  • B. Be involved in the life of the community.

10. Christian Education

  • A. Provide leadership to the Church in planning, conducting and evaluating a Program of Christian recreation and activities for all age groups.
  • B. Plan, organize, conduct, coordinate and evaluate a program of religious education to include Vacation Bible School.
  • C. Keep informed on methods, materials, principles, procedures, and administration as related to the educational program.
  • D. Promote the activities of the Church to meet the overall needs of the people for the development of fellowship, Christian personal growth, and evangelistic outreach.

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$30,000 - $36,000




Donna Lamb