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Youth Pastor

Gilead Baptist Church

Danielsville, Georgia

Part Time

Part-Time Ministry Position




Gilead Baptist Church Youth Pastor/Leader Job Qualifications and Duties

The Youth Pastor/Leader must have a passion and calling to serve the youth of Gilead Baptist Church. The man in this position must love interacting with children & teenagers! He must have a vision for creating a dynamic program to educate young people and inspire them to walk with Jesus.

The Youth Pastor/Leader should be led by the Holy Spirit and exemplify obedience to the Word of God. He needs to possess the ability to train and youth to deepen their faith and knowledge of God.

The Youth Pastor/Leader should be able to act with integrity, operate with minimal supervision, and provide guidance to church leadership in all areas concerning the youth ministry.

The Youth Pastor/Leader will be responsible for weekly young services. In the event the Youth Pastor/Leader should need to cancel a service, he will inform the pastor so youth and parents can be notified.

Also, the Youth Pastor/Leader will be responsible for planning youth events and obtain approval from the Pastor. When traveling off site, he will also obtain permission forms from parents/guardians for each minor.

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