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Youth Director

Dexter Baptist Church

Dexter, Georgia

Part Time

Part-Time Ministry Position


Southern Baptist


Dexter Baptist Church, a small but growing church in the Middle Georgia area, is seeking a Part-time youth director to lead, plan, organize, communicate and conduct all functions and activities in the youth program, carrying out the missions of our youth programs: Elevate (grades 5-7) and Impact (grades (8-12). We have a great group of students who are looking to grow in Christ and a wonderful congregation with volunteers willing to help and support all activities.

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  • Must be dedicated to the Lord, the Church and its people that have been called to serve, and the spiritual growth of the youth.
  • Must be in alignment with Baptist Faith & Message 2000
  • Must adhere to the instructions in 1 Timothy 3
  • Must be able to work with and effectively communicate with youth and adults
  • Must present yourself in an appropriate manner, which includes dress and conduct
  • Must be able to pass a background check


  • Maintain a positive working relationship with the pastor and the youth committee
  • Maintain a positive and appropriate relationship with the youth
  • Keep youth and families informed of upcoming activities in a consistent manner, with enough advance notice to elicit participation.
  • Work with parents and volunteers to engage the whole of the church with the youth, so the youth program does not function as an entity unto itself.
  • Promote traditional Christian values
  • Take an active role in the church as the youth director and the pastor deem appropriate.

Be trustworthy

  • Regularly participate in the life and ministry of the church through consistent attendance in church services and be in attendance with the youth in every capacity that they meet
  • Specific activities are as follows: Teach Sunday school and Discipleship on Sundays, plan at least one monthly youth activity, coordinate the youth to lead one monthly children’s worship service, support mission efforts of the student ministry and the church as a whole, plan one summer retreat and one winter retreat.
  • Submit resume or send request for more information to


subject to experience and education


Youth committee