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Ministry Job Details

Preschool Minister/Director

Church at the Cross

Orlando, FL

Full-Time Ministry Position
FL, Orlando - Church At The Cross  |  PRESCHOOL MINISTER/DIRECTOR Image Shadow
FL, Orlando - Church At The Cross  |  PRESCHOOL MINISTER/DIRECTOR Image Shadow
FL, Orlando - Church At The Cross  |  PRESCHOOL MINISTER/DIRECTOR Image Shadow


Southern Baptist


Preschool Minister / Director

Church at the Cross in Orlando Florida is seeking a full time/ or part time preschool director / minister.

Principle job function is as follows:

  • To partner with parents in equipping them to continue laying a biblical foundation as their children age into children’s ministry.
  • To grow the relationships volunteers have with Christ but also others.
  • To oversee the scheduling of events, volunteers and paid workers in the preschool ministry, as well as to increase the pool of both volunteers and paid employees so that preschool ministry has a firm foundation of helpers and workers for any given Sunday, Wednesday night, or other Bibles studies and special events.


Responsibility Breakdown

Biblical Foundation Oversight:

  1. Help celebrate milestones with families – parent-child dedications, births, preschool graduation, etc. 2. Provide biblical resources and trainings for families and volunteers 3. Meet the needs of families as they come (spiritual, etc.). 4. Develop and disciple parents Preschool Volunteer Oversight: 1. Connect with preschool volunteers via email or phone.
  2. Schedule volunteers for two morning services (9:20am and 10:40am) for each Sunday in all Preschool rooms.
  3. Schedule volunteers to serve in the preschool ministry during regular Wednesday night activities throughout the school year.
  4. Increase the volunteer base by working alongside the Children’s Ministry Director to find new helpers and plug them into the preschool ministry.
  5. Create a list of substitutes who can check in on any given Sunday in the case that some volunteers are unable to serve last minute.
  6. Create a preschool team to help implement ideas of spiritual growth and events throughout the year.

Preschool Events:

The preschool director will work with the Children’s Ministry Director on planning yearly family-friendly events.

Events may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Vacation Bible School
  2. Family friendly outings
  3. Parent/Child Dedications
  4. Preschool Graduations
  5. Fall Fest
  6. Easter Block Party
  7. Volunteer trainings
  8. Parent trainings
  9. Christmas Party

Childcare Staff Oversight:

  1. Schedule childcare workers at any Bible study or event where preschool childcare is requested.
    This may include (not limited to)
    1. Tuesday morning Moms group studies
    2. Occasional Sunday afternoon or night classes
    3. Wednesday night programing
    4. Certain special events for various ministries.


  1. Meet weekly with Children’s Ministry Director (Stephanie Cline) and Next Gen Pastor (Jeff Armstrong).
  2. Attend weekly all-staff meetings on Monday mornings at 11:30 am.

Other Responsibilities:

**Anything else that may come up that needs attention, and other duties as assigned specific to the preschool ministry at Church at the Cross.**

Other Requirements:

  1. Must successfully pass a background check
  2. Must have reliable transportation






October 30, 2020


Church At The Cross ATTN: Jeff Armstrong
700 Good Homes Road
Orlando, FL 32818
(270) 535-8768
[email protected]