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Ministry Job Details

Student Pastor

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church

Ringgold, GA

Full-Time Ministry Position
GA, Ringgold - Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church  |  STUDENT PASTOR Image Shadow
GA, Ringgold - Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church  |  STUDENT PASTOR Image Shadow
GA, Ringgold - Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church  |  STUDENT PASTOR Image Shadow


Southern Baptist



This position will be a full-time position which will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of student ministries (children, youth and college).


The Student Pastor must have a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus, love working with and ministering to students, have a pastoral heart and desire to see the students grow in their relationship with Christ. Listed below are additional requirements:

General Requirements:

  • Must be a born-again Christian
  • Meet the 1st Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5 qualifications for church leadership
  • Commit to the church doctrines and beliefs clearly defined in scripture and expressed in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, referenced in the church constitution and by-laws.

Pastoral philosophy of equipping and discipling students

  • Commitment to Accountability
  • Strong teacher with a love for the Word of God
  • Relational style of leadership and ministry
  • Able to work without direct supervision
  • General availability to Pastor, parents and student ministry volunteers
  • College Degree (Seminary Preferred or pursuing)



  • The Student Minister will be responsible to the Pastor for the work with students, from grade 6 to college. He will work closely with other members of the church staff to achieve the objectives of the church and will personally support the total church program.
  • The Student Minister will promote the spiritual growth and development of the students of the church through programs and activities and through personal witness, counsel and guidance.
  • The Student Minister will assist the Pastor in visiting and ministering to hospitalized and shut-in members and actively participate in the church’s outreach program.
  • The Student Minister will be responsible for ministering to the needs of students and their parents. Be available to students for counseling and guidance.
  • The Student Minister will represent the church by being involved in the public schools and in community activities relating to students.
  • The Student Minister will have general oversight of the Children’s Ministry
  • The Student Minister will be asked to assist the Pastor in the planning and development of the Small Group/Educational System of the church.


  • Faithfully teach God's infallible word. Seek to help students develop a strong daily relationship with Jesus Christ by emphasizing spiritual disciplines of daily Bible reading, prayer, personal worship, service and witnessing
  • Lead students and families to regular participation in corporate worship with the whole church body
  • Oversee weekly Ministry meetings including but not limited to: Small Groups, Student Activities, and Mid-Week Student Worship Service
  • Lead Student Ministry Team in planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing student ministry programs and activities
  • Arrange for a variety of age-appropriate activities, both at the church and outside the church, that will attract many different students to the church and hold their interest – It is encouraged that there be a minimum of one student activity a month during the school year and one a week during the summer.
  • Enlist and train an effective volunteer ministry team
  • Work with the student ministry team to achieve the collectively articulated goals of the ministry
  • Prepare and submit annual budget request for all areas of assigned responsibility
  • Involve students in missions, evangelism and community outreach
  • Promote student ministry to the church and community utilizing the church bulletin, social media, church website and other means
  • Communicate regularly with Pastor to ensure discipleship strategy is coordinated
  • Lead and attend summer camps (children and youth) as well as youth mission trips.
  • Periodically evaluate the student ministry and recommend improvements
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


  • Children’s ministry responsibilities will be largely administrative.
  • Organize and lead the teams that carry out our major community outreach events – Vacation Bible School, Eggstravaganza (Easter), Trunk or Treat, etc.
  • Organize midweek programming – including the assigning of teachers and curriculum selection.
  • Help students successfully transition from the children’s department to the student ministry.




TBD/ Competitve and Based upon Experience


February 28, 2019


Neal Grimes
[email protected]