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Pastor of Ministry Teams and Worship

Fletcher Memorial Baptist Church

Statesboro, GA

Full-Time Ministry Position
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Southern Baptist


We are seeking a dual role staff person to implement our vision and mission into the fabric of the church's ministry. While also leading worship environments that are saturated w/ the glory of God and create an atmosphere for biblically free response. Maintain a marriage, family and home that is open and hospitable to others.

***We value relationship driven ministry and thus see the home as an essential part of discipleship, leadership and shepherding.

Ministry Team Pastor

  • Help set strategic objectives, action plans and goals for each ministry team.
  • Sharpen each team’s focus, resource each team as needed and provide support.
  • Graciously & patiently hold each team accountable for progress on the objectives and plans they set.
  • Meet with each ministry team once per month. Meet individually with each team mostly, unless occasional combining makes sense.
  • Watch big picture scheduling to protect people and families from too many time commitments, ministries rubbing against each other, etc.
  • Focus on relational versus event driven. Ensure events are intentionally done to further the Vision, Mission and Objectives.

Worship Pastor (40% of Role)

  • Work with the pastor and pianist to plan content rich, diverse music that aligns with the message of the day.
  • Lead rehearsals both spiritually & logistically to prepare for Sunday’s gathering.
  • Incorporate a variety of elements that saturate our services w/ the truths of God and invite biblically free responses from the people. (Including: Scripture, exhortations, devotional thoughts, silence, . . .)
  • Work with audio and video teams to add creativity and consistency.
  • Conduct worship team meetings as needed or several times per year.
  • In consultation w/ the pastor, develop a long range vision/goals for musical worship ministry along with specific objectives.
  • Work with leaders in the ministry to oversee budget, maintain equipment, and instruments.
  • Keep Planning Center updated and planned at least one month out.
  • Assist other ministries and life events when in need of musical support.
  • Be involved as a family in the life of the church- including events, discipleship, relationships and Sunday School.

This role allows enough time to assist in other areas of need as well as create ministry space to follow ministry skillls and passions that God leads us into.


Ministry Team Expectations

  • Humility, Grace and Firmness
  • Marriage and Family Life that Adorns the Gospel
  • Meets the qualifications of an elder in 1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9
  • Consistency, Self-Motivation and Self- Management
  • Proactive, Takes initiative, Lead not just Manage, Strong Work Ethic.
  • As a family Love and Shepherd the leaders of the church.
  • Meet w/ Each Ministry Team Monthly(ish)- most of these will be in the evenings or Sunday afternoons.
  • Prepare for Meetings, Debrief Self & Team from Meeting
  • Logistics- arranging meetings, follow up, etc. with a goal of handing more and more of this over to the team over time.
  • Thinking, Planning, Dreaming, Praying for each Ministry Team each Week.

Worship- Basic Expectations/Qualifications:

  • Growing and Fresh Personal Walk with God
  • Marriage and Family Life that Adorns the Gospel
  • Meets the qualifications of an elder in 1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9
  • Willing to continue growing, learning and progressing in leading people.
  • Deepening understanding of the Word and the riches of Theology.
  • Authentic, Engaging
  • Understand and align with our definition, vision and values in worship.
  • Able to work with musicians and singers to engage the congregation with undistracted excellence (a level that will not distract from the content).
  • As a Family Shepherd the praise team, praise band and A/V members in their lives and their skills.

***This role does include evening meetings w/ some regularity.




$50,000 - $60,000 (Package)


August 28, 2019


Chris Fowler, Pastor
720 N Main Street
Statesboro, GA 30458
(912) 489-8581
[email protected]

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