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Ministry Assistant for Communications

Earle Street Baptist Church

Greenville, South Carolina

Part Time

Part-Time Ministry Position




We’re hiring! Earle Street Baptist Church is searching for a devoted follower of Jesus to fill our brand new position, Ministry Assistant for Communications. Supported and guided by a strong ministerial staff, this person will have the freedom needed to creatively execute our communications strategy.

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The Ministry Assistant for Communications is responsible for working with the Pastor (or the Pastor’s designee) to manage the church’s digital presence including maintaining the church’s website and social media accounts, designing and producing printed publications, and assisting the other ministry assistants in some general office work.


  1. Plan and execute, in coordination with the staff, a comprehensive communications strategy for the church.

  2. Maintain and improve the church website and social media accounts, making them as current and interactive as possible.

  3. Design, compose, prepare, and edit all printed and web publications (newsletter, e-blasts, worship bulletins, midweek updates, postcards, posters, flyers, mailings, etc.). Copy, fold, and prepare to distribute/mail all printed publications.

  4. Coordinate design graphics andlayouts,for published materials related to the ministries of the church, either handling the design or coordinating with an outside design agency.

  5. Manage the coordination and design of all messaging spaces on campus, including bulletin boards and indoor signage.

  6. Comply with all policies established by the Personnel Committee.

  7. Represent Earle Street Baptist Church with discretion and respect in both work life and private life.


  1. Serve as assistant to ministerial staff, offering administrative support as needed.

  2. Serve as a substitute (as needed) in performing general office duties for the other ministry assistants.

  3. Work with the other ministry assistants and volunteers to ensure that at least one ministry assistant or volunteer is present in the church office during office hours to answer the phone, receive and assist visitors, perform general office work, and assist ministerial staff.

  4. Train other ministry assistants, staff persons, and/or volunteers to perform routine major tasks, as time permits. Learn from other ministry assistants how to perform his/her routine major tasks, as time permits.

  5. Act as required during the supervisor’s absence in making decisions or taking any necessary action not requiring supervisory approval.

  6. Exercise tact, courtesy, diplomacy, and confidentiality (when applicable) in receiving visitors, contacts, or callers in person, by email, or by telephone.

  7. Check voice mail and email regularly and reply promptly to messages. Update outgoing message on voice mail and email concerning schedule, time away, etc.

  8. Perform other duties as assigned by the ministerial staff.

  9. Give adequate attention to personal health (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and family responsibilities.


John Roland
225 W Earle Street, Greenville, SC