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Worship Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Full-Time Ministry Position


Southern Baptist



Must meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor, demonstrate a proficiency in music and have experience in church ministry as a pastoral leader.


  • Plan, lead, direct and oversee the comprehensive worship ministry which includes media, choirs of all ages, the supervision of all music ministry staff, interns, paid musicians and key volunteers.
  • Responsible for the spiritual development of all volunteer and paid team members in the worship ministry. This includes freedom to plan and develop events, retreats and other beneficial aspects of choir and worship ministry life.
  • Serves as the primary pastor/shepherd to those who serve in worship ministry and additionally serves as a key member of the pastoral care team to the church at large which includes pastoral care on call and hospital visitation within reasonable expectations.
  • Functions as a Minister of the Gospel to the church overall, with the special designation of Worship Ministries as the primary function. The person in this position is more than a music director and therefore serves as a staff pastor, charged as an under shepherd, with the same overall responsibilities of protecting the unity of the church, ministering to the members of the church and championing the Great Commission.
  • Responsible for the long-range planning and development of the Worship Ministry to provide leadership, guidance and direction to all committees associated with music, media and worship ministries.
  • Responsible to work in harmony with all other staff members, to participate in staff meetings, staff team building, staff planning and work sessions and to be a pro-active participant in all areas of ministry regardless of whether or not there is a connection to the worship ministry.
  • Participates in annual performance review with supervisor, agrees to work in a spirit of continuous improvement and maintains a team attitude of cooperation.
  • Charged with the faithful planning and execution of the worship ministry budget according to the rules and regulations of the church, for accountability, reconciliation of receipts and advanced approval of expenditures according to church guidelines and or expectations.
  • Responsible for securing qualified supply worship leaders for any and all Sunday absences.
  • Works with lead pastor and staff to plan and execute meaningful worship services and conducts well planned choir rehearsals and performances. Remains flexible win the coordination of the overall church calendar.

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Highly Competitive with Paid Benefits


January 15, 2024


Andy Goode