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Next-Gen Pastor

Crosspoint Church

Jonesborough, Tennessee

Full-Time Ministry Position


Southern Baptist


Our Next-Gen Pastor will work to create and develop a ministry to families who have children between birth and 6th grade. The position also requires that the Pastor to Children & Families function in a shepherding role to the entire church body with specific emphasis upon the families of the children under his oversight. This is a staff position that is being created for the first time.

We are looking for a Next-Gen Pastor, that will help us reach out into our community in creative and innovative ways – in order to introduce the next generation of children and parents to Jesus. It just so happens, that after our church relocated during the pandemic – it placed us in the middle of one of the fastest growing areas in our region. Demographic studies tell us we should expect a flood of young families with children over the next five to eight years. We need you to help us reach those families.

  • This person will create a vision for the future of our children's ministry.
  • The person who fills this position will give oversight to our children's ministry and help recruit and train volunteers to teach and serve in the children's ministry.
  • This person will develop a ministry to parents of children to help disciple parents to train their children to love and serve Jesus.
  • This person will be serve as a liaison between our church and area schools that we minister to. Developing strategies to help us be more effective and have a greater presence within the schools in our area.
  • This person will be involved in community outreach and community events sponsored by the church.
  • This person will have input into the overall ministry strategy of the church through staff meetings.


We are looking for someone who is:

  • A Visionary – Someone not afraid to dream, envision the future, and pursue new avenues of reaching children and families.
  • A Communicator – Vision and dreams can only become a reality if we are able to communicate that vision and motivate others to join us in the pursuit of that dream. Being able to communicate your vision verbally and written is essential.
  • A Leader – A leader is not someone who does everything themselves. A leader is one who can help people rise up and do things they never dreamed they could do. A leader develops others by recruiting, training, developing, and delegating. Strong leaders can build teams around them.
  • Self-Motivated – Those who succeed in ministry are self-starters. They have a calling, they have a mission, they are excited to pursue it. They exhibit a strong work-ethic and a whatever-it-takes approach to ministry.
  • Teachable – One of the greatest mistakes we can make in ministry is to assume that the way we think is the only way to accomplish God’s purpose. We believe leaders must continue to grow, adapt, and remain flexible when it comes to methods of ministry. We can always learn something new from a variety of sources. Being teachable leads to longevity in ministry.
  • Passionate – No one can succeed without passion for their ministry. You should be passionate about reaching children and their parents. You should be passionate about teaching children and parents how to love God. You should be passionate about developing families not just children. You should be passionate about developing the next generation over the next decade.


The compensation package will be discussed early in the process after a resume is sent and candidate is initially evaluated. The lead Pastor will be the direct contact for the hiring process, and will work with the church Elders in finalizing the hire of the new position. We believe in taking care of those who serve the church.


Greg Doebler
111 Conley Rd, Jonesborough TN.