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Ministry Job Details

Family Life Pastor

Waco Baptist Church

Waco, KY

Full-Time Ministry Position
KY, Waco - Waco Baptist Church  |  FAMILY LIFE PASTOR Image Shadow
KY, Waco - Waco Baptist Church  |  FAMILY LIFE PASTOR Image Shadow
KY, Waco - Waco Baptist Church  |  FAMILY LIFE PASTOR Image Shadow


Southern Baptist



The Family Life Pastor will be responsible for all ministries from nursery to college age. This will require someone who can recruit, equip, and empower volunteer leaders to help carry out this task. We are looking for someone who can:

  • Cast a vision for family ministry.
  • Develop a Family Ministry Team.
  • Encourage and equip parents/grandparents to disciple their children.
  • Bring a creative element and positive attitude to the team.
  • Assist with the pastoral needs of the church (preaching, teaching, counseling, discipleship, etc.).


  1. Must have a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Must meet qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3.
  3. Must be in agreement with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.
  4. Must be trustworthy and maintain confidentiality at all times.
  5. Maintain regular prayer, study, and serving.
  6. Must be committed to sharing the gospel personally.
  7. A Bachelor Degree or equivalent experience is preferred.
  8. Prior ministry experience working with families, youth, or children is also preferred.


  1. Plan and oversee activities/events targeted at reaching and equipping families. These may include camps, conferences, concerts, VBS, mission work, etc.
  2. Cast a vision for discipleship from nursery to college graduation.
  3. Oversee volunteers for nursery, elementary, and youth ministries.
  4. Work with volunteer leaders to find and recommend children’s curriculum.
  5. Have direct leadership over the middle school and high school ministry.
  6. Make recommendations for the family ministry budget and track all expenses.
  7. Establish and maintain healthy relationships with local schools.
  8. Build intentional relationships with parents and grandparents.
  9. Continually learn through reading, studying, and continuing education.
  10. Assist the Senior Pastor with evangelism, counseling, preaching, funerals, weddings, and other responsibilities as needed.


  1. Integrity & Humility- Leading with the character of Christ privately and publicly.
  2. Relational- Connecting with others to connect them to Jesus.
  3. Technology- Using technology as a tool to reach and equip the next generation.
  4. Drive- Being a self starter who doesn’t need to be micromanaged.
  5. Resourceful- Finding ways around problems so the mission can continue.


Please send the following information to: [email protected]

  1. A cover letter introducing yourself and your family (where applicable)
  2. A picture of you and your family (where applicable)
  3. Your current resume




Based on qualifications


Bro. David Johnson, Senior Pastor
[email protected]