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Ministry Job Details

Minister of Media

First Baptist Church

Lafayette, LA

Full-Time Ministry Position
LA, Lafayette - First Baptist Church  |  MINISTER OF MEDIA Image Shadow
LA, Lafayette - First Baptist Church  |  MINISTER OF MEDIA Image Shadow
LA, Lafayette - First Baptist Church  |  MINISTER OF MEDIA Image Shadow


Southern Baptist


Job Summary: The Associate Minister of Media assists the Minister of Media in providing leadership, support, and direction for the Media Ministries of FBC of Lafayette.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership over all aspects of audio, video, and lighting operations in the Worship Center and other gathering spaces on campus.
  • Overseeing the maintenance and operation of audio/visual/lighting equipment.
  • Recruiting, training, scheduling, and managing volunteer teams for services, rehearsals, and other events.
  • Responsible for setting up the audio/visual/lighting elements on stage and resetting the stage between Legacy and Modern worship services.
  • Acquisition and setup of special effects for theatrical productions.
  • Coordinating technical needs for off-campus productions occasionally.
  • Remixing of worship service audio for broadcast or other recordings, preparation of click tracks and rehearsal tracks as needed.
  • Work with Worship Planning team in the development of worship services and events.
  • Working with department staff with classroom audio/visual needs/set-up.
  • Assist on video shoots as needed both on and off campus.
  • Provide technical support for all scheduled church functions as required.
  • Provide pastoral support; make pastoral visits as needed.

Other Areas of Involvement:

  • Depending on skills and experience, the Associate Minister of Media may also be involved in but not directly responsible for the church website, social media, publicity and promotion, graphic arts, photography, IT support, and other areas.

General duties:

  • Serve as staff liaison for assigned church committees and ministry teams.
  • Recruiting, training, developing and scheduling tech arts ministry volunteers
  • Keep informed on methods, materials, principles, procedures, promotions, and administration related to pertinent ministries.
  • Cooperate with associational, state, and national programs and leaders. Be involved as time permits, giving first priority to the church.
  • Maintain openness to new ideas and flexibility in adopting new strategies of ministry.
  • Provide support when needed to other departments with “all hands on deck” ministries (i.e. Vacation Bible School).
  • Be present and available to support all church-wide services (Sunday AM/PM and Wednesday PM) and events.
  • Work with other ministry staff when responsibilities overlap.
  • Participate in weekly visitation program.
  • Perform other duties and assignments as requested by the Senior Pastor.

Working Conditions

  • The Associate Minister of Media shall be responsible directly to the Minister of Media. The Associate Minister will serve as an employee to the Senior Pastor through the Minister of Media and Executive Pastor, and through them to the Personnel Committee and church congregation in all matters related to employment.
  • Observe regular office hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, except as required by the needs of the carrying out of assigned responsibilities or as provided in the general personnel policies.
  • Vacation, holidays, and other circumstances related to working conditions are determined by general personnel policies.
  • The Executive Pastor must approve participation in conferences and conventions.


  • Be a Christian of high moral character who has demonstrated loyalty to God, the church, and his Pastor, and who expresses a call to the ministry.
  • Be willing and able to sign the FBC Lafayette Ministry Staff Covenant.
  • Will need to be a church member at FBC Lafayette, or become a member upon employment.
  • Has demonstrated a work ethic characterized by punctuality, integrity, honesty, diligence, excellence, and industriousness.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to lead and work with volunteer workers of all age groups of the church in a spirit of harmony.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to work cooperatively with other church staff members.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to mix sound on a large format digital console for live events.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to mix choral, orchestral, and contemporary band styled services.




First Baptist Church ATTN: Dennis Clark
P.O. Box 3888
Lafayette, LA 70502
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