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Ministry Job Details

Youth Director

Corticelli Baptist Church

Russellville, MO

Part-Time Ministry Position
MO, Russellville - Corticelli Baptist Church  |  YOUTH DIRECTOR Image Shadow
MO, Russellville - Corticelli Baptist Church  |  YOUTH DIRECTOR Image Shadow
MO, Russellville - Corticelli Baptist Church  |  YOUTH DIRECTOR Image Shadow


Southern Baptist



  1. A personal, growing, faithful & honoring relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. A sense of calling to minister to youth spiritually, emotionally & physically.
  3. A Commitment to be a definite & effective part of the Corticelli Church family.
    1. Attempt to help youth be involved in work/ministries at church (find ministry opportunities that individuals could fulfill - like someone to run the computer during service - and/or find ministry opportunities for the youth group as a whole -- like a service project once per quarter or something like that)
    2. Plan a mission trip every year or every other year depending on the length of time and the travel distance.
    3. Be involved with Live Nativity - coordinate the youth’s role
    4. Be involved with music/worship from time-to-time
    5. Be able to preach when the pastor is absent
  4. Agreement with Corticelli Baptist Church's vision & mission statements & strategy as well as the Southern Baptist's 2000 Baptist Faith & Message.
  5. A Commitment to teach, lead, mentor & care for the youth in our church & church field.
    1. Someone younger/active is preferred
    2. Able to participate in physical activities
    3. 21 years of age - able to drive the van
    4. Teach Sunday school
    5. Plan summer missions activity/ mission trip (3MT, World Changers, etc.)
  6. Accountability to the pastor, personnel committee & ultimately to the church for planning, implementing & evaluating the youth ministry from grades 6-12.
  7. Meeting with the pastor on a needed & somewhat regular basis for prayer & conversation concerning future needs & activities.
    1. Meet twice monthly with the pastor
  8. Conducting appropriate times of Bible Study, services & events.
    1. Able to meet with youth for activities and Bible studies on Sundays and/or Wednesdays
    2. Lead/teach youth during VBS
    3. Plan monthly activities
    4. Teach Wednesday night Bible study or Sunday night AWANA
    5. Awana
      1. Plan Bible Study
      2. Plan activity
      3. Plan for food for students
  9. Managing the youth budget.
    1. Summer camp/Super Summer -- help make arrangements at minimum, supervise/take students, if possible
  10. Visiting present & prospective youth as needed.
    1. Try to attend at least one school extra-curricular activity per student per year
    2. Help plan and supervise/coach at Nightlight
  11. Being present with the youth at school & community activities.
    Attend 1 extra curricular activity per semester per student (when involved and within an hour driving)
  12. Work with an informal & interested group of parents & other adults in conducting the youth ministry.
    1. Meet with this group (or other parents) once a quarter to discuss activities that are
      planned and curriculum to be taught (accountability)




$15,000 per year


(573) 680-0192
[email protected]