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Youth Minister

Friendship Baptist Church

Grenada, MS

Full-Time Ministry Position
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Southern Baptist



  1. Sharing Christ with lost and unchurched youth, leading them to Church membership, helping
    them grow spiritually, and providing opportunities for their Christian ministry.
  2. Growth numerically and spiritually, with an expansion of the ministries offered.
  3. Counsel of youth related to their spiritual life, college choice, vocation selection, life-mate, social and
    family relationships, etc.
  4. A strong foundation in the Christian faith and in the Southern Baptist doctrine.
  5. Ministerial support for staff, program directors, and church committees.



  1. Plan, direct, conduct, and evaluate a comprehensive youth ministry taking into consideration the
    spiritual, physical, recreational, social, and psychological development of youth. Direct the teaching
    programs of the youth division (Sunday School, Mission Organizations, Discipleship Training) in
    cooperation with the appropriate directors.
  2. Relate the youth to the overall life of the church and the church to the needs of its youth. Lead youth to
    recognize the call of God in their life relating to vocation. Strive to enlist the youth in worship, Bible
    study, prayer, and other Christian exercise.
  3. Avail youth to special programs of spiritual growth and fellowship such as mission activities, camps,
    retreats, meetings, DiscipleNow weekends, banquets, and dramas.
  4. Promote a regular program of visitation for the youth in cooperation with the overall church program of
    outreach. Train youth in outreach and evangelism. Visit middle school and high school campuses for
    personal contact with students at school approved times. Maintain one-to-one contact with individual
    youth in all phases of the work, with emphasis on visits in home with young people and their parents.
  5. Study and recommend changes in the youth ministry as needed for organization, space use, equipment
    and furnishing needs, policies and procedures, materials, programs, curriculum, education methods, etc.
    Seek to improve personal skills and abilities through training.
  6. Work with the Nominating Committee to enlist and train adult workers. Motivate, instruct, and
    coordinate the activities of adult workers. Plan with adult workers a program for leading youth to
    salvation and nurture them in Christian development. Insure that adequate adult sponsors are present for
    all youth programs and activities (according to the type of activity and size of the group).
  7. Prepare an annual budget for youth ministry needs and administer the approved budget according to
    church policy.


  1. Encouraged to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License to operate all church vehicles.
  2. Encourage and provide support for collegiate ministry.
  3. Participate in the Worship Services as directed by the Pastor.
  4. Serve as a member of the church council representing the youth ministry and coordinating with other
    church ministries.
  5. Attend staff meetings and participate in the staff visitation program to prospective members, potential
    leaders, hospital, and crisis visitation. Consult with and support the ministries of other staff members.
    Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.
  6. Cooperate with denominational and other Christian leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest.


  1. Spiritually – Must maintain personal devotions and be a personal soul-winner. Must profess a
    vocational calling to youth ministry.
  2. Ethically – Maintain a high moral and ethical lifestyle. Is expected to maintain integrity beyond
    reproach. May not court or date any youth. Should have a safe driving record and be insurable on
    church policies.
  3. Financially – Youth Minister is encouraged to tithe, keep their personal financial obligations current,
    and otherwise show financial responsibility. Must be able to keep complete and accurate records for
    youth fundraisers and/or payments for youth activities. The Church Secretary/Treasurer shall deposit all
    monies in church accounts.
  4. Organizationally – The Youth Minister reports directly to the pastor. Maintain open communications in
    planning and directing through frequent meetings of the Youth Committee, Church Council, and Staff
    Meetings. Will be evaluated at least annually by the Personnel Committee.
  5. Educationally – Preference will be given to a college graduate, although candidates will be evaluated on
    the entirety of their qualifications. The youth minister is expected to improve personal skills and
    abilities through continued training.


  1. The position will be considered full-time.
  2. Hours worked shall vary from week to week according to activities. Work plans and schedule will be
    made in consultation with church staff under direction of the pastor.
  3. Must keep regular work hours in the Church Office. Make office aware if you can not be in for some reason.




Friendship Baptist Church, Attn: Youth Minister Search Committee
475 Pearidge Rd
Grenada, MS 38901
[email protected]

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