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Ministry Job Details

Senior Pastor

Mulls Grove Baptist Church

Morganton, NC

Full-Time Ministry Position


Southern Baptist


The pastor is responsible for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for providing administrative leadership for the church, and for using his skills in proclamation and pastoral care in meeting the needs of persons in the church and community.


  • Proclaims the Gospel and leads the church in proclaiming the Gospel to the church and community.
  • He serves as spiritual leader and overseer of the congregation
  • Provides administrative leadership for the total church program
  • Serves as chairman or delegate in shared leadership with the Church Council and other staff members which have been designated.
  • Leads the staff and the church in a caring ministry for persons in the congregation and the community
  • Leads or delegates the leadership of the congregational services: plans, coordinates and evaluates congregational services
  • Preaches at all worship services, or arrange for someone else to perform this function
  • Recommends and advises on the election of all staff members and helps determine their duties as designated in the Church By-Laws
  • Gives supervision to members of the church staff according to the staff organization set forth in the By-Laws
  • Plans for and provides leadership in the observance of church ordinances
  • Conducts funeral services and wedding ceremonies, as he is able, in accordance to Biblical principles and the Biblical definition of marriage; sharing and delegating to others on the staff such responsibilities as needed in this area
  • Resides as an ex officio member of all organizations, departments, and committees as set forth in the By-Laws and other such special committees as the church may request or that he may also deem as advisable
  • Council with and assist in training deacons for their responsibilities






Douglas Mace
5106 Burkemont Rd
Morganton, NC 28655
(828) 437-3379
[email protected]