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Ministry Job Details

Youth and Children's Ministry Pastor

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Morganton, NC

Full-Time Ministry Position
NC, Morganton - Pleasant Hill Baptist Church  |  YOUTH AND CHILDREN'S MINISTRY PASTOR Image Shadow
NC, Morganton - Pleasant Hill Baptist Church  |  YOUTH AND CHILDREN'S MINISTRY PASTOR Image Shadow
NC, Morganton - Pleasant Hill Baptist Church  |  YOUTH AND CHILDREN'S MINISTRY PASTOR Image Shadow





The Youth and Children’s Ministry Pastor (referred to as “Ministry Pastor” below) is an Associate Minister whose primary purpose and function is to develop and provide spiritual, relational, and organizational leadership and ministry to Children and Youth at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Ministry functions would include: the weekly Sunday School program for Children & Youth, Children’s Church, Sunday and Wednesday night activities, and other special programming such as Vacation Bible School, Christmas programs, camps, mission projects, and other special events that may occur.

The Ministry Pastor shall seek to build a strong, growing ministry that:

  1. Introduces children and youth to Christ, instructs, and nurtures them in their Christian faith and in life through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, worship, service and evangelism;
  2. Strives to build Christ-like relationships with parents, children and youth, and church leaders that strengthens their commitment to growth in faith in Jesus Christ;
  3. Best utilizes all of the resources available.


The following are specific duties and responsibilities of the Ministry Pastor:

  1. Serves out of a strong sense of Christian calling to youth and children and exhibits a strong identity in Christ coupled with the willingness to continue to grow and mature in Christ as a godly person of integrity.
  2. Coordinates, promotes, implements, and further develops a quality Christian Education for Children and Youth, which would include Sunday School, after-school and Sunday and Wednesday night activities, VBS, missions, and other seasonal and/or special events.
  3. Works with parents and other leaders to facilitate the spiritual and social development of youth and children by instructing and training them to understand and implement the Bible into their lives.
  4. Provides students with a place to belong that gives them the courage to be unique in their social, emotional, and spiritual character and interests.
  5. Pursues an individual relationship with all boys and girls of the group—one that is characterized by encouragement, support, and nurtures and seeks to interact and connect with all children and students.
  6. Develops positive relationships with students and their parents. Meets with each family to: listen to their concerns, discuss the needs of their child, and develop a mutual strategy to help their younger or youth-aged child grow in Christ.
  7. Submits a yearly Ministry Action Plan to the Senior Pastor which outlines a strategic plan to disciple each of the youth (e.g., teaching, proclamation, small groups, and one-on-ones).
  8. Be available at all times for biblical counseling.
  9. Provides leadership, vision, and passion for Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in the area of youth and children’s ministries that is in line with the overall vision, purpose and mission of our church and follows the Senior Pastor’s vision of leadership.
  10. Participates in the preparation and development of the budget for the Children and Youth Ministry and works with the Finance Team and the Treasure to provide ongoing financial accountability (including timely submission of receipts and balance sheets).
  11. Communicates and publishes all activities through social media, newsletters, bulletins, and the church calendar as needed.
  12. Attends a weekly staff meeting as well as any other necessary ministry related team meetings.



The Ministry Pastor plays a major role in the faith development of all ages within the church, both as a leader and as a role model. Pleasant Hill seeks a person who has a solid understanding of the foundations of Christian faith and who has a strong desire to nurture children and youth in the Christian faith.

The following qualifications are required:

  1. Two years of experience in church leadership with emphasis in youth and/or children; an Associate Degree in Christian Ministries with emphasis in Youth or Children’s Ministry; or a degree which equips them to understand child and adolescent development and skill levels.
  2. A vital relationship with Jesus Christ, spiritual maturity, and high moral and ethical conduct.
  3. A sense of call, a passion for working with children and youth and team members, and an observable ability to lead and inspire.
  4. Friendly, enthusiastic, flexible, and adept at using a team approach while working with children, youth, parents, and fellow staff members.
  5. Good organizational, teaching, administration and computer/technology skills.
  6. Ability to recruit, train, organize and motivate volunteers for children’s and youth ministries.
  7. Spiritual gifts including but not limited to leadership, administration, and teaching.
  8. A strong people person who finds it easy to connect with and maintain relationships with youth, children, and their families.
  9. If married, evidence that their spouse is equally committed to work alongside of them to partner in ministry.


Additional information pertinent to the role and function of the Ministry Pastor include:

  1. Office Hours—It is expected that the Ministry Pastor shall work forty hours per week. Specific office hours shall be established and posted in the bulletin and on the church’s website. Should the Ministry Pastor be away from the office during those hours, they are to notify the Senior Pastor or Church Secretary of where they can be reached.
  2. Vacation Time is in accordance with the PHBC Vacation and Holiday Policy.
  3. Will serve as Vice-Chairperson of the Church Council and help coordinate the church calendar.
  4. For any ministry activity, the Ministry Pastor (and his spouse) shall have all expenses paid which are related to the activity for which he is in charge. (Note: the Ministry Pastor would be financially responsible for the expenses of his own children).
  5. The Ministry Pastor shall perform other ministry related duties as dictated by the responsibility or as assigned by the Senior Pastor.




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