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Ministry Job Details

Student Ministries Pastor

East Valdese Baptist Church

Valdese, NC

Full-Time Ministry Position
NC, Valdese - East Valdese Baptist Church  |  STUDENT MINISTRIES PASTOR Image Shadow
NC, Valdese - East Valdese Baptist Church  |  STUDENT MINISTRIES PASTOR Image Shadow
NC, Valdese - East Valdese Baptist Church  |  STUDENT MINISTRIES PASTOR Image Shadow


Southern Baptist


    1. Keep regular office hours with the day beginning with the predetermined office hours of the church office set by senior pastor/deacon leadership.
    2. One day off per week will be granted which again will be coordinated by senior pastor/deacon leadership. Coordinated planned vacations, days off with senior pastor.
    3. Attend all staff meetings. be prepared to report on current ministry activities.
    4. Attend monthly scheduled deacon meetings, and any other committee meetings as appropriate.
    5. Cooperate fully and work in harmony with entire staff for the good of the church.
    6. Per church constitution, be accountable directly to the senior pastor. In absence of senior pastor then deacon leadership.
      1. Develop a well-balanced program of children and youth education/ministry, which is biblically accurate, culturally relevant with high energy for each student ministry.
      2. In partnership with pastoral staff, evaluate, review, and select curriculum for Sunday school, mid-week ministries, discipleship, missions, and activities.
      3. Recruit and train leaders within each specific ministry area.
      4. Continually seek to increase ministry team through parent involvement, interns.
      5. Guide in the development of policies and procedures for effective children/youth ministry, and open to input of parent support team.
      6. Fill in as needed to teach youth and children’s classes.
      7. Teachable and sensitive to God's leadership. This is an essential quality in anyone who works with children and youth; our church's most valuable possessions.
      8. Youth praise band: select music for effective praise and worship. Plan scheduled practices to promote maximum participation of students.
      9. Children/youth camps/club 56: Lead, promote, plan, schedule, recruit students, enlist parent ministry assistants, coordinate the collection of payments, and coordination of needed materials. Shall enlist drivers for group.
      10. Provide guidance and serve as resource and encouragement to the leadership of college and young professionals.
      11. Submit yearly budgets for children's/ youth ministries.
    2. PASTORAL:
      1. In coordination with senior pastor, provide pulpit support in pastor’s absence upon his request.
      2. In coordination with senior pastor, offer counseling when called upon.
      3. In conjunction with our church youth council, promote the youth ministry outside the church, taking youth ministry into our public and private schools, and community as commanded in Matthew 28: 18- 20.
      4. Function as a member of the church's pastoral staff performing baptism services, weddings, funerals, etc. as needed.
      5. Complete pastoral visitation, calls, personal contacts that may include emergency/medical/spiritual needs within your area of ministry coordinated with senior pastor.
    3. ADMINISTRATIVE: A- In coordination with pastor's days off, manage office in cooperation with senior pastor/deacon leadership.

SALARIES/BENEFITS: As developed by deacon leadership in cooperation with finance committee and approved by the church fellowship.

As negotiated with the deacon leadership and approved by church fellowship.

Concerns will be referred to the personnel committee. The student ministries pastor will conduct his/her personal and business life in such a way as to bring a positive witness for the kingdom of God and East Valdese Baptist Church.


JOB CLASSIFICATION: This position is an exempt (salaried) and a full-time position.


  • REQUIRED: Minimal education with completion of bachelor’s degree from seminary and or attended seminary with graduation from accredited bible college.
  • PREFERRED: 5-10 years’ pastoral experience in working with youth and children’s ministries.
  • REQUIRED: A commitment to biblical Christian principles and teachings both professionally and personally.
  • REQUIRED: Being highly motivated to share in Christian ministry especially with children, youth, parents, and community.
  • REQUIRED: Ability to recruit, train, communicate with volunteers.
  • REQUIRED: The ability to work cooperatively with other staff members.
  • REQUIRED: The ability to listen effectively and communicate clearly both orally and written.
  • REQUIRED: Ability to use computer software and assist the church in staying relevant in a technology driven society.
  • REQUIRED: Within first 6 months and or prior to first led children camp possess valid CDL driver's license.
  • REQUIRED: Pass criminal, financial, and sexual misconduct background checks






July 31, 2020


Eric Greer
Morganton, NC 28655
(828) 443-4208
[email protected]