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Senior Pastor

Parma Heights Baptist Church

Parma Heights, OH

Full-Time Ministry Position
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Southern Baptist


The role of the Senior Pastor of Parma Heights Baptist Church is to have in his charge the spiritual welfare of the congregation, working in harmony with the Pastoral Staff and Deacons to cast vision and to give guidance and direction to the congregation in accomplishing the church mission of helping people find and follow Jesus Christ. He is accountable to the Deacons and is an ex-officio member of such Board.


The Senior Pastor will be responsible for the following:

  1. Modeling Biblical Priorities
    The Senior Pastor is responsible for upholding biblical priorities and core values of Parma Heights Baptist Church. He represents a growing personal relationship with Christ. He models a strong relationship with his wife and children. The Senior Pastor strives to fulfill his purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships, and actions. He adheres to and encompasses the qualities and characteristics required of PHBC employees as defined by the Personnel Policies and Procedures Handbook and Constitution.
  2. Preaching/Teaching
    The Senior Pastor is responsible for ensuring that all messages and teaching are biblically sound and delivered with excellence. He possess the desire to study the Word of God and accurately interpret it to apply to Christian living, cultural issues, and a biblical worldview. He partners with leadership teams to plan and execute worship and other creative elements to complement worship services. He will partner with the Discipleship Ministry to develop biblically sound teachers.
  3. Congregational Care
    The Senior Pastor is responsible for the spiritual well-being of the church family. He exhibits strong relational skills to a wide range of people, the ability to build people up in the faith and Word while at the same time hold others accountable for their actions. He makes appearances at church functions when appropriate, places an emphasis on personal and corporate prayer, and officiates weddings and conducts funerals along with qualified pastoral staff. He ensures hospital visits are covered and our people are cared for in an appropriate manner (including Pastoral Staff, Growth Group leaders and/or lay pastors). He provides counselling as needed. He institutes discipline, along with the Deacons, when required, to maintain a sound, healthy spiritual body.
  4. Ministry Leadership
    The Senior Pastor, along with the pastoral staff, is responsible for establishing and executing the mission and vision of PHBC. He is the primary mouthpiece through which the vision will flow and be communicated to the congregation. He develops staff meeting and retreat agendas and goals, and leads PHBC staff meetings. He works closely with the deacon chairman to develop direction and agendas for the deacon board, and as needed, provide direct leadership to facilitate the development of new or changing ministries
  5. Personnel
    The Senior Pastor serves as the human resource director for all employees of the church, working with the deacons to ensure pastoral evaluations are completed the third quarter of each year and staff evaluations the first quarter of each year. He ensures PHBC staff policies and procedures are adhered to, and works closely with deacons to maintain appropriate salary and benefit alignment for all staff.
  6. Operations
    The Senior Pastor works with the finance chair, finance team, deacons, staff, and ministry leaders to ensure that a church budget is prayerfully developed and maintained each year. He and/or his direct reports ensures employee and facility insurance is appropriate and provides the best stewardship. He provides oversight to office staff to ensure the master facilities calendar, paper and electronic communications are created and maintained with completeness and excellence. He provides oversight to the facilities team to ensure the building and campus are clean and well maintained, and that all facility set-ups are done completely and on time.




Gary Likowski
8971 West Ridgewood Drive
Parma Heights, OH 44133
[email protected]

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