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Director of Kids and Families

Midtown Fellowship

Columbia, SC

Full-Time Ministry Position
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Southern Baptist


The Director of Kids and Families will produce systems and structures that disciple children and equip parents to disciple their kids from birth through 5thgrade. The four main environments for this are:

  1. Directing Kidtown during SundayGatherings.
  2. Orchestrating Milestones Program in conjunction with Student Groups Pastor.
  3. Equipping LifeGroups to disciple kids.
  4. Empowering Families to serve together.

Along with making sure these 4 avenues are done with excellence for our current families, the Director also looks for ways to engage the community, invite in new families and help them connect to Midtown.

Qualifications and Education

In order to lead effectively at Midtown, the Director of Kids and Families must have the following competencies and qualifications:

  • Passionate about ministering to kids and their families.
  • Able to lead, recruit, train, encourage, and oversee over 100 volunteers.
  • Highly relational with people of all ages: kids, volunteers and families.
  • Excellent communication skills with kids, volunteers, families, pastors and other Midtown teams.
  • High-energy and professionalism.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 5 years professional experience in a related field.
  • Good planner who is able to be flexible as issues arise.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Ability to create, develop, implement and oversee systems and programs.
  • Ability to discern effectiveness and fruitfulness of programs and ministries and problem solve accordingly.


Role Responsibilities:

  • Oversee weekly operations for Kidtown at Midtown Fellowship Downtown.
  • Manage Kidtown teaching curriculum and system of delivery to all Kidtown Area
  • Leaders and Group Leaders at Kidtown: Downtown.
  • Maintain good communication centrally to keep all churches synced up on
    teaching curriculum.
  • Recruit, organize, and empower volunteer team of experts through regular training, encouragement and promotion.
  • Provide executive leadership to maximize financial resources and facility improvements.
  • Work with pastors to plan and execute annual Family Milestone Seminar.
  • Plan and execute engaging Kids and Families events to train and connect families.
  • Oversee database management of families at Downtown.
  • Make sure Downtown families are well informed concerning Kidtown resources and upcoming events.
  • Oversee the implementation of necessary systems, procedures, technology, supplies, and equipment that ensure a quality Kidtown experience Downtown.
  • Build relationships with new Downtown families with the goal of connecting them
    to a LifeGroup.
  • Oversee the Midtown Kids and Families website.
  • Oversee Kids and Families residents.

Culture Values:

Current Leadership Values for Midtown Fellowship are found at this soundcloud link:

Disclaimer: This is from our teaching at our 2018 staff retreat. It is not produced audio and not intended to be polished teaching for wide spread distribution. However, feel free to listen to gain an understanding of our culture.
As a member of our staff, the Director of Kids and Families is expected to fully embrace these leadership values and seek to teach them to others as well.

Office Culture:

Below are attributes and performance indicators that we monitor and rate to maintain our staff culture. We take our culture very seriously and are committed to:

  • Operating Like a Big Family - We value our growth as a team and being family together. We offer staff development and fun days to regularly train and learn together because we place a high emphasis on working well with others (and having others enjoy working with you.)
  • Prioritizing Personal & Family Health - We value the health of our personal lives, marriages, and families. Working in ministry can be hard, especially on families. So we do a number of church staff initiatives to support and sustain long-term health in this area.
  • Quality Communication - We value making expectations clear and having ongoing, honest communication with supervisors and employees. We have systems and initiatives in place in order to ensure this is taking place regardless of our level busyness.
  • Performing Competently - We value our employees being capable, effective, and always improving, so we measure and encourage competency attributes such as reliability, quality work, decision making, self-drive, and the ability to present solutions to problems. We offer regular trainings for our staff to help raise our competency level as a whole.
  • Cultural Contextualization - We value the ability to identify and acknowledge cultural norms and having social awareness to pick up on normal ways people talk and operate. This allows us to adapt and modify to fit cohesively. When it is necessary to challenge norms, we do so with humility and through the right channels.
  • High Character Standards - Who you are matters more to us than what you can do (see character section below).

A leader in the church is required to be qualified according to the Scriptures. The following character qualities are biblical qualifications for serving (1 Timothy 3:8-13).

  • Above Reproach, Dignified and Blameless (1 Tim 3:8, 10)– As a leader at Midtown you must have a reputation of conducting yourself in a dignified way. It is important to note that “dignified” serves as a summary to all the other qualifications. This quality is a validation of maturity and victory in the other qualities. You must have a good reputation within the body in order to lead it. However, you must also have a good reputation with those outside the body of Christ.
  • Not Double Tongued/Gossip (1 Tim 3:8)– As a leader at Midtown, you will often find yourself in conversations with individuals who have made a wreck of their lives through poor decisions. You will hear and see a lot of things that individuals won’t want divulged. Your supervisor can help advise you on when/how much to share with others. A primary application of this trait is that when you are involved in conflict, you go to the right people and through appropriate channels as opposed to those uninvolved and therefore unhelpful. Specifically for work, go to your supervisor. In general, go up with issues to avoid going to peers (gossip) or to subordinates (divisiveness).
  • Life Matches Doctrine (1 Tim 3:9)– If you profess to hold “good doctrine” and yet your life is without spiritual fruit, there is a problem. If this is the case, you are declaring to the world that there is no real power in the gospel of Jesus! The gospel “trains us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age” (Titus 2:12).
  • Not Addicted to Much Wine/Temperate (1 Tim 3:8)– As a leader at Midtown you must show restraint and moderation. You are called by God to lead the church and therefore must be controlled (as much as possible) by the Holy Spirit. When leaders lack the ability to avoid addictions or detrimental habits they prove themselves to be lovers and servants of something other than God.
  • Not Greedy for Dishonest Gain (1 Tim 3:8)– As a leader of God’s church you are called to be someone who does not love money. You must not feel entitled to any standard of living, income, property, or leisure. You must be someone whose charity outshines your standard of living.
  • Husband of One Wife (One woman kind of man / one man kind of woman) (1 Tim 3:12) – A leader must be “one-woman-kind-of man / one-man-kind of woman” that is distinctly marked by sexual faithfulness to his or her spouse and to Jesus. This is an ongoing battle for everyone; however, a pattern of repentance, transparency and health must be in place to lead in God’s church.
  • Manage Household Well (1 Tim 3:12) – Leaders must lead their children and their own households well. This is one of the more challenging qualifications to prescribe the desired behaviors, but it is obvious to most when those behaviors are absent. You must lead your own family in a way that models the redeemed community God desires from His Church. You are called to be a good primary teacher, theologian, decision maker, conflict resolver, disciplinarian, servant, and protector for your family.

This job description is not an employment agreement or contract and the job description can be altered by church leadership at any time without notice.






Canon Blackwell
1819 Taylor Street
Columbia, SC 29201
[email protected]

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