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Ministry Job Details

Communications Director

First Baptist Church

Mount Juliet, TN

Full-Time Ministry Position
TN, Mount Juliet - First Baptist Church  |  COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Image Shadow
TN, Mount Juliet - First Baptist Church  |  COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Image Shadow
TN, Mount Juliet - First Baptist Church  |  COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Image Shadow


Southern Baptist


  1. Responsible for composing, editing, printing, review process and all preparation of the Sunday bulletin.
  2. Develop, compose, coordinate and/or manage pastoral ProPresenter presentations.
  3. Compose and/or edit church wide or specific ministry communications for all ministry areas as requested by ministerial staff.
  4. Compose and post weekly social media spots.
  5. Review, edit and assist in composition as needed or requested all items sent church wide or to specific groups.
  6. Maintain connect board with relevant church activities.
  7. As needed work with MJ Minute issues.
  8. Maintain website and suggest improvements as needed.
  9. If instituted, take the lead in all aspects of a church newsletter.
  10. Be available to consult with church leadership and provide expertise as requested.

******Part-time (average 18-32 hours a week – depending on skills) However, the position can be full-time depending on qualifications and experience. Non-exempt position.


  1. Must be highly organized in all areas of responsibility.
  2. Have an excellent knowledge of grammar and usage for composition and editing.
  3. Be able to compose communication based on the understanding of the church and community.
  4. Must have excellent social media skills.
  5. Candidate should have outstanding knowledge and skills in graphic arts.
  6. Demonstrate good time management skills and organizational abilities
  7. Be able to establish effective and efficient working relationships with the staff, church members and outside contacts.
  8. Work under the leadership and established policies and doctrine of the church
  9. Be familiar with Southern Baptist beliefs and practices, and understand the culture of FBCMJ.
  10. Agreement with The Baptist Faith and Message for doctrinal alignment.
  11. Be a team player with a positive attitude.
  12. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.




Depends on qualification and experience


February 1, 2020


First Baptist Church ATTN: Caleb Lynn
735 N Mount Juliet Road
Mount Juliet, TN 37122
(469) 720-9073
[email protected]