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Ministry Job Details

Pastor of Students and Music

First Baptist Church

Winchester, TN

Full-Time Ministry Position
TN, Winchester - First Baptist Church  |  PASTOR OF STUDENTS AND MUSIC Image Shadow
TN, Winchester - First Baptist Church  |  PASTOR OF STUDENTS AND MUSIC Image Shadow
TN, Winchester - First Baptist Church  |  PASTOR OF STUDENTS AND MUSIC Image Shadow


Southern Baptist



Any pastor of WFBC will be expected to meet the qualification of a pastor as describe in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 (and Titus 1:5-9). The Pastor of Students and Music must be willing to serve under the leadership of the Lead Pastor.

Job Description

This position is an exempt (salaried) and full-time position. Hours may contain time spent: teaching, preparing, organizing a music ministry, attending training, training others, researching as well as spending time with children, students, and parents outside weekly programming. Ephesians 4:11-13

Job Scope

The Pastor of Students and Music will oversee the following areas: The Children’s, Youth and Music Ministries.


General Responsibilities

The Pastor of Students and Music position includes but may not be limited to the following responsibilities (other duties maybe assigned by the Lead Pastor as needed):

Children’s Ministry:

  • The primary role in the Children’s Ministry will be oversight of a Children’s Ministry Team.
  • From time-to-time hands on involvement maybe necessary. For example: VBS, outreach events, special services, programs, etc.
  • Lead the Children’s Ministry Team to:
    • Create a safe environment for children that encourages growth in spiritual maturity.
    • Organize, promote and enlist volunteers for a regular Wednesday night discipleship ministry designed specifically for the children.
    • Plan/organize special events/ministries/missions throughout the year for children to enjoy and grow their faith. (Easter egg hunts, Light the Night, etc.)
    • Recruit members for the Children’s Ministry Team as needed.
    • Approve all discipleship/teaching materials used in the Children’s Ministry in coordination with the Lead Pastor.

Youth Ministry:

  • The primary role in the Youth Ministry will be that of a pastor.
  • Direct weekly interactions with the youth through teaching, mentoring, ministries and the like are expected.
  • Lead the Youth Ministry Team and recruit new members as needed.
    • Be involved and lead the youth and their families to be involved in evangelism and missions.
    • Supervise and implement a discipleship plan for the youth ministry.
    • Maintain an ongoing relationship with the parents of youth in order to provide pastoral support to the youth and his/her family.
    • Plan/organize special events/ministries throughout the year for youth to enjoy and grow their faith.

Music Ministry:

  • The primary role in the Music Ministry will be to lead the church in worship through song during the Sunday Morning worship service.
    • Plan the songs for Sunday Morning that are theologically and doctrinally compatible with WFBC’s statement of faith. Baptist Faith and Message 2000 edition.
    • Recruit and involve members of WFBC into the music ministry.

Practical Expectations on Sundays and Wednesdays

Sunday Primary Responsibility:

Music Ministry (Hands On) Sunday

Sunday Secondary Responsibilities

Children’s and Youth Ministry (Oversight/Delegate)

Wednesday Primary Responsibility:

Youth Ministry (Hands On)

Wednesday Secondary Responsibility:

Children’s Ministry (Oversight/Delegate)




Up to $61,000


Jason Heath
108 S High St.
Winchester, TN 37398