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Ministry Job Details

Worship Pastor

First Baptist Church

Midlothian, TX

Full-Time Ministry Position
TX, Midlothian - First Baptist Church  |  WORSHIP PASTOR Image Shadow
TX, Midlothian - First Baptist Church  |  WORSHIP PASTOR Image Shadow
TX, Midlothian - First Baptist Church  |  WORSHIP PASTOR Image Shadow


Southern Baptist


Job Description:

Our community has exploded with growth over the last decade, and our church has sought to continue to pioneer ministry for our area. While we have historic roots in the community, our church is not what people expect initially because of our history. It's been a very exciting time, but also very challenging to our creativity. We currently host 2 different styles of worship in two different venues. We’re looking for a skilled worship pastor who can lead in two of those services while overseeing the entire arts ministry of the church. Music evolves over time, and we have taken steps for the last 18 months to refresh our style to continue to connect to the young families who are moving into our area. Our church has created marketable video, produced worship recordings, hosted multiple venues, and we want to continue to engage people in fresh ways. For a sample of current worship experiences, see services from the last several months at and note that our position became vacant just before Easter this year.

This position is for a modern, contemporary worship setting. We are continuing to evolve into a younger sound and style for these two worship venues, expecting someone who will assist us in continuing to develop that fresh worship style.

The worship pastor must be a visionary who is creative in leading people to God. The worship pastor is a leader who can communicate a direction in a way that inspires those around him/her to join in the pursuit of that vision. This position is a pastoral one that therefore requires the individual to serve not solely as a musical or performing arts director but also as a shepherd to the people who serve in this ministry. The Worship Pastor is responsible for worship leading, worship band recruitment and development, and overseeing all the technical and worship arts. He/She will work under the direct supervision of the Lead Pastor. He/She will team with Lead Pastor to plan corporate worship by choosing music, media, and other creative elements that will help FBC spiritually engage with God and honor Him through experiential worship. Responsibilities include corporate worship planning and leadership, recruitment and equipping of worship leadership, and oversight of all elements necessary to enhance the worship experience.

Submit resumes, recordings/links, and inquiries to

For more info on this church’s culture, visit our website:

A strong candidate will have the following:

  1. Growing, contagious love for Jesus—demonstrates a relationship that is still in process. His ministry & leadership reveals that relationship to the church in transparent spirituality. We can see HIS heart when he leads worship.
  2. Distinct calling to Worship Ministry—demonstrates a clearly defined experience of calling that has dictated to his life in his career choices and personal lifestyle.
  3. Good musical skills & ability to sense the culture of a congregation & match music to that culture—able to understand a church’s tastes and sensitivities and create worship plans that touch those values effectively.
  4. Good interpersonal skills—knows how to work with others, motivate them without manipulating them, and has visible enjoyment in hosting people and leading them in friendship & worship.
  5. Personally passionate worshipper—demonstrates an authentic, sincere love expression to God in the experiences of worship.
  6. Sees congregational experience as the measure of success—finds his greatest joy in seeing the congregation experience the Lord rather than focusing on impressive performance.
  7. Skillful communicator who connects with people—articulates beliefs & prompts others in an inspiring way.
  8. Infectious, contagious visionary for what worship can be—attracts people to music ministry because its quality & community are apparent and attractive.
  9. Stable, confident, skilled leadership—knows how to lead people with personal discipline and confidence that challenges musicians to grow in their skills & passions.