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Children's Ministry Director

Northway Church

The Woodlands, TX

Part-Time Ministry Position
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Southern Baptist


STATUS: Part-time, Salaried

HOURS: 15-20 Hours per week

Mission Statement:

The mission of Northway Church is to invite, inspire, and equip people to love, live, and lead like Jesus! We’re building a strategy that reflects our radical commitment to discipling followers of Christ to obey everything that Jesus commanded.

We are striving to bring all ministry areas into alignment with this mission.

The Primary Task:

Develop and implement a comprehensive approach to a children's ministry radically committed to disciple making. (MAP: Ministry Action Plan)

  • Develop a set of discipleship objectives for children.
  • Develop specific, well-mapped strategies for accomplishing each of the objectives during the years a child is a part of the ministry.
  • Determine weekly, monthly, and annual programming schedules necessary to accomplish discipleship objectives. Examples:
    • Sunday Mornings - This is where we want the biggest emphasis to begin with. We are looking for someone with a vision to turn our Northway Adventure Company into an irresistible discipleship experience for children.
    • Currently we only have a traditional Sunday School format and kids go into “big church.”
    • We would like to expand the entire Sunday morning experience to a unified approach including the Sunday School hour and the worship hour.
    • The big addition is the second hour. Kid’s Church or some kind of rally is an option, but again, we’re not married to traditional models unless they prove to be the best strategy for accomplishing the objectives.
    • Milestone Celebrations. Examples: Graduations from one department to the next. Award ceremonies for discipleship accomplishments, etc.
    • EZ Invite Events - a Northway strategy that enables members to bring their unchurched friends to non-churchy events.
    • The Adventure Company Trading Post: A toy store open monthly where kids can spend tokens they have earned for discipleship oriented activities. (This is already in place and could be expanded)
    • Annual VBS style summer event.
  • Recruit, Inspire and Equip the team of volunteers needed for strategies and programming.
  • We are also committed to At-Home Discipleship: Parent Involvement - We’re already using a weekly tool called the Disciple Making Guide which gives parents tools for at-home discipleship based on their bible study lessons. (Children earn tokens for completing their work with parents.)
  • Propose and manage an approved annual ministry budget.

Other Expectations:

  • A heart and passion for children, willing to get down on their level and have fun.
  • Leadership is relational. That should be the root of influence with children and adult workers. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Relationship building time is part of the expected hours of ministry.
  • An “extra-mile” kind of commitment to the mission. Grit and tenacity. That’s not an expectation to be a work-a-holic, just to have a can-do/will-do attitude.
  • Humility and a teachable, flexible spirit. Eagerness to learn.
  • A lifetime commitment to self-improvement, including an ever deepening walk with Christ, as well as professional development. Leaders are readers. Spiritual Leaders are spiritual readers.
  • Take initiative. Be a self-starter.
  • Limited office hour requirements with part-time status.
  • Participation in the life of Northway.


Qualifications and Aptitudes:

  • Clear, observable commitment to Jesus Christ and a passion to reproduce disciples.
  • A relational and pastoral heart.
  • Leadership experience in the area of children’s ministry is preferred.
  • Bible college/seminary education, either completed or in progress is preferred.
  • Be able to align with the mission, vision, and strategy of Northway. Read a summary at
  • Adhere to the theology within the Baptist Faith and Message. Our core beliefs are found at


The Children’s Ministry Director reports to the Lead Pastor for spiritual and ministry guidance. The Lead Pastor provides ongoing support, coaching, and evaluation of performance, based on an agreed Ministry Action Plan (MAP).

To Apply:

Please send an email to the Lead Pastor, Rodney Mills [email protected] with the subject line “Children’s Ministry Director Application” with the following attachments:

  1. Your resumé
  2. A recent photo of you (and your family if you wish)
  3. A statement, no longer than one page, on your philosophy of children’s ministry.
  4. Your personal social media links




Rodney Mills
[email protected]

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