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Pastor of Student Ministries

River Club Church

Fredericksburg, VA

Full-Time Ministry Position
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Pastor of Student Ministries
Position Description

Job Description:

Position: Pastor of Student Ministries

Job Type: Full Time

Experience: 3-5yrs

Education: Bachelors Preferred, Ministry and Theological training required


We are searching for a passionate Pastor of Student Ministries who is a gifted discipler, leader, teacher, and team builder. This person will have a heart for relational youth ministry and the overall church vision.

The Pastor of Student Ministries must have a vibrant love for Jesus, His church, and Mission. That will be primary expressed through a ministry to students and their families. Must have experience and gifting for connecting with students, volunteer leaders, and parents. The Pastor of Student Ministries will be able to engage and energize a diverse group of students while helping to lead them in becoming growing followers and reproducers of Jesus. The Pastor of Student Ministries is responsible for creating environments that are accessible, engaging, and challenging for students no matter where they are on their spiritual journey or background.

The role is primarily with students and families, but your influence extends to the whole church.


Architect: As an architect, you are responsible for the overall design and implementation of the youth ministry, the outcomes, and alignment with the overall vision of River Club.

Coach: As a coach, you are responsible to develop leaders and teams by mentoring, training, releasing, encouraging, and resourcing them.

Catalyst: As a catalyst, you are responsible to invest your life into students, leaders, and parents as an example and encouraging disciple-maker. In addition, teaching in a way that inspires and challenges people to take steps in becoming more like Jesus.

Pastoral: To provide a pastoral presence primarily with youth and families, but additionally at River Club and in the community. The ability to offer counseling in the pivotal circumstances of life. In addition, you are a part of the staff team and the overall leadership of the church.

Administrator: As an administrator, the expectation is this person can manage the necessary details and planning associated with the ministry and people. It is recognized that one person is not going to nor required to do all of the work of ministry, rather to understand the needs, wiring, and delegation required of the point-leader in Student Ministries.

More About River Club:

RC is a 10-year-old church in Fredericksburg, VA, about an hour south of Washington DC. The vision of RC is to help all people experience life in Jesus. We seek to encourage people to take their next steps towards God. Each ministry and event is driven by our vision. We boldly proclaim Jesus Christ to our community and lovingly challenge people to begin a personal and growing relationship with Him, that then in turn invests their life into others. We are contemporary in style, conservative in our theology, and passionate in our pursuit of multiplying God's church to reach as many people as possible.

The family ministries are key to our strategy and the life of our church. RC has a staff of 6 and about 400 adults in our two weekend services.


  • Vision: Stay focused on and supports the overall vision of the church, and each other.
  • Accountability: Speak the truth in love and invite others into your life.
  • Love: Lead a spiritually surrendered life by loving God and people.
  • Unity: A Team Player who knows their strengths and weaknesses. We don’t do ministry in silos.
  • Example: Model a life of discipleship that is committed to equipping and investing (Kingdom).
  • Servanthood: A heart to reach and make a difference with your life.

How to Apply
After evaluating the qualifications, roles, and taking some time to pray; if you believe you may be a good fit please email: [email protected]

Along with a resume and any other materials you would like to send please answer these 6 questions.

  1. Provide your testimony and what God has been doing in your life recently.
  2. What do you believe is essential in a healthy youth ministry?
  3. Describe your ministry experience of reaching students and helping them grow as disciples, as well as ministering to parents.
  4. What is your vision (dreaming about) regarding ministry?
  5. Having spent time investigating the culture of River Club, what resonates with you?
  6. Anything else you would like to share?

This summary is not comprehensive, but it is designed to give you a broad understanding of what our church and the position is about. Thank you.




Based on Experience


June 6, 2019


Dan Busse
10835 Tidewater Trail
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
[email protected]

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