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Ministry Job Details

Director of Youth, Worship and Music

Enon Baptist Church

Chester, VA

Full-Time Ministry Position
VA, Chester - Enon Baptist Church  |  DIRECTOR OF YOUTH, WORSHIP AND MUSIC Image Shadow
VA, Chester - Enon Baptist Church  |  DIRECTOR OF YOUTH, WORSHIP AND MUSIC Image Shadow
VA, Chester - Enon Baptist Church  |  DIRECTOR OF YOUTH, WORSHIP AND MUSIC Image Shadow


Southern Baptist


Job Description, Director of Youth, Music and Worship

The Director of Youth, Music and Worship (YMW) at Enon Baptist Church, is responsible to the Senior Pastor for the development and promotion of the music ministry of the church. He will work closely with our senior pastor in cultivating worship services that glorify God, edify God's people, and inspire greater devotion to Christ. Also strengthening the saints from middle threw High school and their families through events, classes, times of fellowship, and camps. The focus on Youth, however should not be on the many tasks or programs throughout the week but on forming relationships with the students and youth and encouraging them in their discipleship journeys. As such, the weekly activities may need to be amended to fit the needs of the youth at any given time. He shall work under the supervision of the Senior Pastor and look to him for direction in the performance of his individual duties. He will work closely with our senior pastor in cultivating worship services that glorify God, edify God's people, and inspire greater devotion to Christ

Responsibilities include all ministries of EBC related to Youth / Student Ministries

  1. To make disciples of Jesus Christ through ministering to youth and their families.
  2. To attend and contribute in weekly staff meetings.
  3. To coordinate and oversee all youth events, activities and community outreaches.
  4. To coordinate and oversee all Sunday morning classes for youth
  5. To coordinate and facilitate weekly Youth Group for middle school and high school students.
  6. To create an environment in which volunteers are encouraged to serve, equipped to serve, and prepared to serve in any needed capacity.
  7. To coordinate and serve as a counselor for all youth camps and retreats.
  8. To work with the appropriate committee to orchestrate and oversee all youth fundraisers and manage youth fund.
  9. To serve as a liaison between the Volunteers and the appropriate ministry teams.
  10. To advocate the necessity of outreach in the name of compassion.
  11. To coordinate and facilitate one on one discipleship opportunities for students.
  12. To maintain a social media presence and communication strategy to connect with students and parents.

Duties and Responsibilities include all ministries of EBC related to Music and Worship


  • Planning of weekly Sunday Worship Service (Song Selection, Technical aspects, etc.)
  • Lead music and worship programs for other events including Revivals, Christmas and Easter programs and other special services or meetings as needed (weddings, funerals, etc.)
  • Recruiting, auditioning, and training singers and musicians
  • Leading regular rehearsals for Choir, musicians and singers
  • Oversee the technical aspects of worship (sound, lights, media, staging, etc.), utilizing the volunteers of the Tech Team
  • Oversee Student and Children’s Music Ministries in conjunction with the Children’s Ministry Director
    • to have children's music offerings during worship services 2-4 times per year
    • to put on a Christmas children's program in the month of December
  • Assist with other aspects of ministry as requested by Senior Pastor and/or church leaders

This YWM Director shall be a shepherd. Without partiality, he must genuinely love and care for the sheep God has entrusted to our church. We are looking for someone who loves building relationships with people, who is willing to be an example to the flock in word and conduct.

Stylistically, the ideal candidate will be one who can lead with modern worship songs, using guitar, piano, keyboard and Drums. We would also want someone who is well versed in hymns.

The worship experience sets the tone for everything we do in our Sunday service, so the candidate must be able to lead in a manner which draws people in, encourages participation, and gives verbal exhortations to the congregation to worship the Lord.

The YWM Director should be training and equipping those who serve with him, so that in his absence (e.g. his vacation) they can lead the church competently and confidently. These rehearsals serve a dual-purpose: (A) preparation for Sunday and (B) cultivation of Christ-centered community.

The ideal candidate will have at least a working knowledge of sound, Sound Boards, room dynamics, and how to get consistently great sound in the room. Experience with worship software. (We are currently using ProPresenter, Planning center and Garage Band)

We’re looking for someone who has the right chemistry to work well with our existing pastoral team. He must be a team player, possessing a positive attitude and one who enjoys collaboration. He must be an organized leader, who doesn’t shirk administration, communication, and interpersonal relationships. A self-starter, with the ability to lead and get things done without direct supervision.


  • Humble, coachable and teachable
  • Able to demonstrate vocal control
  • Chooses songs that engage the congregation and support the preaching of God’s Word
  • Models biblical worship, as well as encouraging the congregation to worship
  • Ability to create a sound that is passionate, dynamic, and modern
  • Proficient on multiple musical instruments
  • Able to lead a team of musicians in the learning and performance of new song
  • Consistently demonstrates an engaging and passionate stage presence


When it comes to the leading of worship through song at EBC, the candidate will select songs that reflect a healthy understanding of the Bible and Christian theology. He will work in conjunction with the senior pastor to ensure that the “songs we preach” glorify God and are gospel-centered. Also an Engaging “stage presence”—in other words, not simply “doing a set,” and moving from song to song. Incorporating Scripture, a brief word of encouragement, or testimony as appropriate.

Stylistically, the ideal candidate will possess a deep knowledge of current trends in congregational worship music and incorporate primarily modern songs into Sunday gatherings. These songs should be easy to learn and can be integrated seamlessly into our worship services. The ideal candidate will possess an appreciation of Christian hymnody.


  • A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him
  • A commitment to the mission and vision of Enon Baptist Church.
  • 1+ year(s) experience in People Leadership
  • Experience leading worship using guitar, piano, keyboard, and Drums with accompanying musicians and singers


  • Two or more years of experience as a Youth Director or equivalent
  • Two or more years of experience as a worship leader in a church.
  • Completed or pursuing a degree in ministry, music, worship, or a related field.

In addition to the specific tasks listed above, all employees of EBC should maintain a regular commitment to their own discipleship in Christ. One’s personal walk with Christ is paramount. For no servant leader can lead others towards Christ without giving sufficient time and attention to their own growth as Disciples of Christ. Thus, each employee should maintain a personal devotional that includes study, fellowship, and prayer. Each employee should strive to be in relationship with others in the body of Christ through which they can fellowship with one another and encourage one another towards growth in Christ.




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Enon Baptist Church ATTN: Michael Preston
13607 N Enon Church Road
Chester, VA 23836
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