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Van Connections Church Pastor

Van Connections Church

Van, Texas

in progress

Full-Time Ministry Position


Congregational Methodist


Pastor for newly organized Congregational Methodist Church, formerly Van UMC. Small but growing congregation. Reference job description attached.

Van Connections Church is seeking a dynamic and spiritually-enthusiastic individual to lead the church into future growth, revival, and outreach. As pastor, the individual will serve as the spiritual leader of the church and as a catalyst to engage all aspects of the church and congregation into a force for Christ while providing biblically-based spiritual guidance, leadership, and inspiration. Preferred qualifications and personality traits for this position would include the following.

Personal qualifications and demeanor

  • Willingness to engage with the congregation as a whole and interact with church members on a personal level.
  • Deliver biblically-based and Wesleyan-inspired sermons.
  • Support church doctrine as defined in rules of worship and book of discipline.
  • Engage with the broader local community to create an atmosphere of welcoming community fellowship.
  • Willingness to participate in the long term growth of a developing church. Professional qualifications
  • Ordination or lay leadership certification. (Possible remedial training to satisfy CMC requirements).
  • Experience as pastor, associate pastor, lay leader, or worship leader.
  • Business experience or acumen to oversee church resources and assets with assistance and participation of church leadership.

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Detailed description of job requirements provided upon request.


negotiable to 61K




Ben Hudgens
P.O.Box 1919 Van, Tx 75790