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Ministry Job Details

Campus Worship Director

Summit View Church

Vancouver, WA

Full-Time Ministry Position
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WA, Vancouver - Summit View Church  |  CAMPUS WORSHIP DIRECTOR Image Shadow
WA, Vancouver - Summit View Church  |  CAMPUS WORSHIP DIRECTOR Image Shadow





The role of the Campus Worship Director at Heritage Park is to create and oversee a powerful worship experiences that is in alignment with the overall vision, mission, and values of Summit View Church. This role requires a firm understanding of how to lead a congregation in worship, develop leaders, as well as creatively leverage music and experience to see people meaningfully connected to Jesus. The person will be an active shepherd of both the worship team and congregation. This position will oversee all aspects of planning and execution of worship across the Heritage Park campus, while working collaboratively with worship leaders, campus pastors, other staff, and volunteers across the Summit View organization.


The Worship Director must have a strong relationship with God, a deep love and passion for the Gospel, the Bible, and the local church Gospel.

  1. Fulfill the character qualifications of a deacon/pastor as taught in the Scripture (1 Tim 3).
  2. The Worship Director must be an example of the type of Christ-followers that we want our people to become.
  3. If married, the Worship Director must have a strong family life, as evidence by the quality of the relationship with their spouse, their children.
  4. They must have greater than average musical abilities.
    1. Vocally proficient.
    2. Instrumentally able to lead a band and arrange music.
    3. Proficient on a lead instrument.
    4. The ability to draw in and mentor top musicians.

They Must:

  1. Embrace the church's vision for the future.
  2. Unreservedly hold to the church's statement of beliefs.
  3. Be comfortable with the general approach to ministry that is endemic at SVC.
  4. Embrace and promote the Church's cultural DNA.
  5. Be comfortable and effective in developing personal relationships.
  6. Be loving toward people, prioritizing others ahead of themselves and engendering trust from those that they lead.
  7. Be inspiring and motivate others to sacrifices for God.
  8. Have upfront and interpersonal communications that are both relational and inspiring.
  9. The Campus Worship Director must be someone that excels as an action-oriented leader.
  10. Supportive of the expectation that the Worship Director tithe to the local body.


  1. Champion the infusion of the Church's worship DNAa. Create alignment with the church culture and philosophy of worship.
  2. Possess engaging clear communication and spiritual leadership from the stage
    1. Draw people into the presence of God through effective, excellent and powerful worship.
    2. Create worship sets each week that align with and support the message that is being given
  3. Provide leadership, coaching and development for musicians within the church’s worship community
    1. Oversee the musical direction, band, and vocal leaders at the HP campus.
    2. Set clear direction for and expectations of worship volunteers
    3. Develop each team member to his/her potential through regular and effective coaching
    4. Expand the leadership base of the ministry by identifying, inspiring and mobilizing future leaders
    5. Provide strong spiritual and musical direction/leadership of band and vocal volunteers during rehearsals
    6. Schedule serving teams
    7. Create an environment that supports feedback, opinions, and ideas from those in and around the ministry; as well as a culture that regularly seeks God and celebrates the fruit He has provided.
  4. Participate in Visual Arts & Production team
    1. Serve as an active member of creative team brining support in church-wide creative direction
    2. Assist in creative & production team meeting all weekly media deliverables

Reporting Structure

  1. The Campus Worship Director reports directly to Executive Director of Creative Arts, while working in close conjunction with the Lead Pastor of the Heritage Park campus.
    1. The Campus Worship director will lead the worship team at Heritage Park, made up of leaders and key volunteers who together carry out the overall direction the ministry
  2. The Campus Worship Director works in collaboration with the Lead Pastor and Campus Pastors.
    1. While directly reporting to the Executive Creative Director, on a Sunday, the local Lead Pastor has overall responsibility for what happens in the worship gathering and the worship Director will take their cues from him.
  3. All employees ultimately work at the pleasure of the Elder Board

About the Position

  1. This is a full-time position
  2. It a licensed position
  3. It provides full medical insurance to the director and their family
  4. There is a 403 B retirement plan in place
    1. Summit View Church participates with a matching contribution.
  5. Dental Insurance




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