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Youth Pastor

FBC Willis

Willis, Texas

Part Time

Part-Time Ministry Position
Willis, TX - FBC Willis | Youth Pastor
Willis, TX - FBC Willis | Youth Pastor Image Shadow
Willis, TX - FBC Willis | Youth Pastor Image Shadow




FBC Willis is accepting resumes for the position of part-time youth pastor. Resume submissions are being accepted until March 31st.

To submit your resume please use this link:


The Student Pastor is responsible to the church under the direct supervision of the pastor to develop and promote all the assigned program ministries of the church in the area of Student Ministry.


  • Plan, coordinate, direct, promote, & evaluate the student ministry of the church through the program organizations of the church.
  • Work with leaders to plan a program for leading students to knowledge of the Gospel and to develop them in Christian discipleship.
  • Lead and participate in planning and conducting special age-group activities and programs appropriate for the spiritual growth of the students of the church including Sunday school, Wednesday nights, Bible Study, retreats, camps, fellowships, mission activities, evangelism, etc.
  • Coordinate and participate in the work of the Students concerning music, student worship band, and activities program.
  • Participate in visitation to homes, hospitals and crisis visitation as it relates to student ministry.
  • Study and make recommendations for needed changes in the student ministry such as organization changes, space use changes, equipment and furnishing needs, and policies and procedures of operation.
  • Prepare the annual budget for needs of the student ministry and administer the approved budget according to policy in conjunction with the Youth Council.
  • Keep informed on methods, materials, principles, procedures, promotion, and administration as related to the student ministry and make recommendations when necessary.
  • Visit Junior and Senior High campuses for personal contact and counseling with individual youth as needed.
  • Maintain and be available for one-to-one contact and counseling with individual students/parents as needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the pastor.
  • Be available to teach student ministry in the absence of their Sunday school Teacher as needed.
  • Assist the chairperson of various church committees as needed. Serve as an ex-officio member of church committees related to student ministry.
  • Cooperate with Association and state leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest.
  • Sit with or near the Youth during the worship services and be available for counseling during the invitation.



  • Must be a professing believer, and in agreement with the core
  • Gospel beliefs held at FBC Willis
  • Hold a degree, or working towards a degree in an appropriate ministry field
  • Keep part time office hours with approved flexibility.
  • Active current church membership at FBC Willis (attending, giving, serving)
  • Spiritual and emotional maturity to manage church pressure with proper judgement and discretion
  • Well balanced and healthy personal, home and spiritual life
  • Strong Biblical knowledge and understanding. A high view of the authority of Scripture.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Reasonable expectation of professionalism. Attention to detail. Ability to manage a changing workload.
  • Strong recruiting and team building skills
  • Cooperates with and respects authority
  • Proficiency in understanding how to care for and communicate to students of all ages




March 31, 2023


Donnell Holly
12177 I-45 North, Willis TX 77378