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What People Are Saying About The Ministry Well

Everyone at HVCS is thrilled with our newly updated website constructed by The Ministry Well. The process from start to finish was straightforward and our faculty adapted with ease to changes from the old site to the new. Customer service is top-notch and timely. They offered a wide variety of software options to enable us to better communicate with our families as well as prospective families. I would highly recommend The Ministry Well for your next web design project.

Alisa Stipanov

Hickory Valley Christian School, Chattanooga, TN

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much traffic does The Ministry Well have?

We currently have over 213,000 visits to our site in a month.

Is it difficult to post a ministry job on The Ministry Well?

It is very easy to post a ministry job on our site. You do not need to have an account or a password. There is an online form which you fill in the fields with your information. When you are finished entering your information you simply click the submit button and we take it from there.

How long does it take before job postings are listed on The Ministry Well?

During normal weekdays, job postings are listed within 24 hours. Submissions made on the weekends are posted no later than noon on Monday.

How long can I post a ministry job on The Ministry Well?

We post ministry jobs for a period of three months. We do this to keep our list current.

Do we need to contact The Ministry Well when we are no longer taking applications?

When you fill out the online form you will have the option to fill in an expiration date. If you provide us with an expiration date we will automatically remove your job posting on that day. If you do not provide us with an expiration date then your listing will remain for the entire three months unless you contact us and tell us to remove it.